07.15.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Cyber security, IoT and intelligent cities

By: Grainne Colgan

The UK Government’s National Crime Agency (NCA) issued a cybercrime report which concluded that criminals are winning the “cyber arms race” against businesses and law enforcement agencies. Industry professionals give their reactions and analysis, as security once again leads off the Enterprise Technology Spotlight.

The security theme carries over as we look at the importance of safeguarding user connections and data in the context of continuing expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT).

And finally, we examine the importance of strong network infrastructure in small cities. Intelligent networks should form the digital foundation of cities to enable livability, sustainability and resilience.

NCA cyber-crime report

This article examines the findings from the UK Government’s National Crime Agency’s “Cyber Crime Assessment 2016” report. Industry professionals give their reactions. Verizon’s Paul Simpson references the Data Breach Investigations Report and emphasizes the unfortunate reality that security continues to be more of an afterthought in a business’ strategy rather than a priority. (SC Magazine)

Verizon takes multiple approaches for IoT security

Concerns about security and privacy of IoT continue to resonate with manufacturers, developers and consumers. Experts feel the more layers you put on security, the more protections you put in place, the better off you are. (Telco Transformation)

For smaller cities, intelligent networks offer a solid digital foundation

This article examines the need for small cities to set up intelligent networks when focusing on IT and cybersecurity. Intelligent networks should form the digital foundation of cities. Unfortunately, there are many limitations that need to be overcome. Legacy networks are restricting cities from addressing challenges such as meeting connectivity demands for everything, whether it’s mobile enablement of web apps or managing sensor data. (Route Fifty)