10.07.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: IoT, VNS and SD-WAN

By: Kevin King

Competition in the Internet of Things (IoT) market is about to heat up. According to Technology Business Research, commercial IoT ecosystem revenue grew 18.3 percent year-over-year in Q2 2016. The market recently surpassed $6B in total size. Several large IT companies currently lead the market but with anticipated market consolidation and new investments from growing players, ultimate supremacy is still up from grabs. Our first article illustrates more on this topic.

Enterprises increasingly require on demand networking.  The increase in network-reliant applications coupled with an increased need for agile networks that can scale up or down on demand have spurred the rise of software defined networking (SDN). This transformation will appear similar to other IT transformations and our second article explores these similarities.

The demand for SDN has created a mad dash to deployment, leading to potentially complex network solutions that can be cumbersome for enterprises to implement and manage. Some network service providers are delivering SD-WAN as a managed service – taking the hardware costs and management out of the hands of the customer and delivering a simple solution that meets their needs.

Which vendors are winning the fight for Internet of Things supremacy?

Several players – both large and small – are vying for their place in the $6B IoT market. Verizon is poised to shake up the status quo. (ARN)

Networks need to transition to a virtualized model by using similar technology that drove the disruption in the data center market

Virtualization is all about enterprises being able to balance agility, performance, cost and security to meet the needs of network reliant applications. (Information Age)

Will SD-WANs Buck Past Trends

With SD-WAN, IT services companies race to provide valuable network-as-a-service capabilities in a model that delivers value to both customers and their bottom lines. (LightReading)