03.25.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: pirates, APAC and mobile retail

By: Grainne Colgan
Data theft

This week’s enterprise technology spotlight starts with a true-crime story of international piracy. Next we look at the rapid growth of the Asia-Pacific market for technology services, and the need to work with in-region solutions providers to deliver those services. Finally, we end with a discussion about why retailers need to take a “mobile first” approach to the customer experience.

Check out all the enterprise technology news below:

How pirates and hacker worked together to steal millions of dollars in diamonds

An international shipping company noticed pirates were boarding their ships in the South Pacific and surgically stealing millions of dollars in diamonds in minutes. It was as if these pirates knew exactly what cargo would be on exactly which ships and exactly where those ships would be at a specific time. Turns out they did. Verizon’s Research, Investigations, Solutions and Knowledge (RISK) team discovered the pirates were working with hackers who could access the ships’ registries and their GSP guidance systems. Verizon stopped the hack and that stopped the pirates. (Buzzfeed)

Verizon Australia shoots for 80% sales via new channel

Verizon continues to see significant market opportunities in Australia and the rest of the Asia-Pacific region for the company’s communications, network, cloud, mobility and security products and services. Expanding the distribution network to include in-region service providers provides additionally opportunities to service existing clients and expand to new market sectors, including national, state and local government. (CRN)

Making the case for “mobile first:” five benefits for retailers

Most consumers today are “mobile first” – meaning they access information, research and complete transactions on mobile platforms. To meet the demands of these mobile consumers retailers need to integrate mobility into every operation – from the supply chain to the store location. (Retail Touch Points)