07.01.2016Enterprise Tech

Enterprise Technology Spotlight: Security

By: Grainne Colgan

Cybersecurity continues to be popular topic with the media.

This week our top stories focus on human involvement in security breaches. A piece in SearchCompliance notes that human error is among the leading data security threats and ITWorld Canada notes the prevalence of social engineering. The underlying theme of both pieces is that effective security requires vigilance because even the best systems and procedures can be undone by humans.

Additionally, Canadian Insurance Top Broker reports that 13 percent of people still open and/or click on suspicious emails.

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Verizon: Human error still among the top data security threats

Hackers aren’t getting more sophisticated in their approach. In fact, in many cases they continue to turn to less complicated vulnerabilities and rely on employee or consumer mistakes to breach corporate networks. When it comes to security, consistency in the key. (SearchCompliance)

How a Canadian firm’s bidding strategy was undone by social engineering

Verizon’s David Ostertag recalls an incident investigated by Verizon Enterprise Solutions. Social engineering enabled cybercriminals to infiltrate confidential information about a real estate deal from a Canadian firm. The firm paid significantly more than it would have, if its negotiating strategy was not known. Ostertag also discusses cybersecurity trends and offers tips on basic security measures organisations should be implementing. (ITWorld Canada)

RISK: 13% of people still open, click on suspicious emails

Training and talking might be the simplest (and most effective) way for a company to protect itself from dangerous data breaches. Companies that train employees in data security and encourage them to report issues they see are able to more quickly respond to and mitigate those threats. (Canadian Insurance Top Broker)