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FiOS Customers Celebrate Game Of Thrones Season 5 Early

By: Phil Burrows

Spring might be in the air, but winter is coming. Game of Thrones is returning tonight with a thrilling season 5 premiere on HBO that left fans ravenous to see what’s next for the great Houses of Westeros. Last season’s shocking (and satisfying) finale left diehard Game of Thrones fans excited to see where the pieces of the puzzle will fall. Will Tyrion escape Queen Cersei’s wrath? Will the Stark children ever reunite? Can Daenerys Targaryen maintain control of Meereen, and what about her dragons? Word around the Seven Kingdoms is that season 5 will ramp up the shocking betrayals, ferocious battles and wanton revelry that helped make Game of Thrones HBO’s most popular show ever.

Last week, a few hundred lucky FiOS customers and super fans across the country got the exclusive chance to catch season 5 days ahead of Sunday’s national premiere. Verizon FiOS and HBO teamed up to host these Sneak Previews in Virginia, Texas, New York City, and Tampa for customers, making them the first to get in on the action ahead of tonight’s premiere.

Interested to see what folks had to say about the premiere? Check out the reactions up above!

If you’re filled with anticipation and can’t wait for tonight’s premiere, catch up on some previous Game of Thrones episodes with On Demand and the FiOS Mobile App.

On Demand

Check out the first episode from Season 5 right now and even episodes from past seasons by simply going to HBO in the FiOS On-Demand library.

On Mobile-Anywhere, Anytime

Whether it’s at work (we don’t encourage that) on the train or anywhere for that matter, the free FiOS Mobile App has your back. With 96 live channels out of home, 170 live channels in home and over 80,000 On Demand titles, you’ll be able to take the watch the action whenever, wherever. Even in 7 kingdoms (as long as they have a WiFi or LTE signal there! )

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