FiOS On Demand Free Previews Are Going On Now! Aug. 1-8

Free can’t be beat…give these previews a try and let us know how you like them. Apart from the sizzling broadband speeds, startlingly clear TV images and high-quality voice service FiOS provides, it also offers a lot of value to our customers.

One form of that is in the FiOS On Demand free marathons and other free previews delivered over the TV service. With August, there are three tantalizing previews you’ll want to check out.

140801 Directkick140801 Cinemoi140801 Karaoke

Verizon is the exclusive home for Cinémoi, a 24-hour network featuring curated films from around the world and high couture festivals which may be new to the U.S. audience. It will be on preview through Aug. 6. While not a premium channel, Cinémoi is only available in FiOS TV Extreme and Ultimate HD packages and as an add-on to the FiOS Select HD service. It is located at channel 236 (SD) and will also be free in the FiOS On Demand platform during the preview.

The Karaoke Channel
During the preview period (Aug. 1-31), customers can choose from over 600 popular songs from genres including classic rock, country and current hits. The Karaoke Channel can be found in the FiOS On Demand folders.

MLS Direct Kick
MLS Direct Kick is a subscription sports package that allows customers to follow their favorite teams regardless of city. It provides access to up to 233 regular season games and select playoff games – typically five to six games per weekend.

For the free preview period (Aug. 1-8), MLS Direct Kick will only be available on SD channels 1490 – 1499.

Free can’t be beat…give these previews a try and let us know how you like them.