FiOS Quantum: As Fast As New York Fast

If you’ve ever heard the expression, “New York fast,” you know that means something that is faster than fast.  It’s part of that inimitable New York lifestyle that you can’t find anywhere else.

Verizon understands New Yorkers' need to be the fastest.  They have to have something “yesterday.”   They have the need for speed.

Verizon has captured the essence of this uniquely New York vibe with a new ad campaign for our FiOS Quantum Internet service  -- one of the fastest Internet services available delivered over Verizon’s 100 percent fiber-optic network.   Consumers in the five boroughs and the suburban areas can see and hear TV, radio commercials, direct mail, print and online ad that show how FiOS Quantum Internet is the perfect complement to New Yorkers’ fast-paced ways of life. Now that’s fast. In fact, it’s FiOS fast!

But this is not your everyday, ordinary advertising campaign.  Verizon has put a twist on the concept, giving consumers in the area the chance to be a part of the fun.  Starting today, we’re asking New Yorkers to take some photos of whatever they like around the City and the area, and upload them to this microsite.  Each week, we’ll create a New York Minute video card.  Participants could win an iPad Mini.

FiOS Quantum is an Internet service that never slows down and keeps up with the pace of the city that never sleeps.  New Yorkers are going for the 50 Mbps FiOS Internet service faster than they can scoop up tamales from the newest food truck.