The Future of Education Relies on Expanding Fiber Optics: The Bandwidth Effect pt. 4

By: Phil Burrows

While today’s classrooms may look and feel the same as they had the day we first stepped into one, in today’s digital age it’s beginning to look a lot different. And by that I don’t mean desks with tablets built in or robotic teachers, I mean the classroom is now everywhere.

Ultra-fast broadband has allowed for the classroom to move outside traditional walls and past the books into the home, the park, and your favorite coffee spot practically everywhere. Not only has this made for a more convenient anytime learning experience, but it’s really allowed people to be versatile and hands on with the way they learn.

Long gone are the days when your education ended when you received a diploma.  Broadband and programs such as Lynda.com  allow for a lifetime of learning! With job roles always changing and adding functions, broadband provides an outlet for not only young professionals to stand out and adapt, but for older professionals to continue learning and growing in their career.

As more and more school districts and educational programs move out of the classroom and into the digital space, fiber optics is the best bandwidth solution to provide answers to the growing  use of technology that is fueling our education revolution.

About the author(s): 

Phil is an external communications coordinator, supporting public relations and integrated marketing for Verizon. His responsibilities include creating new ways to engage with the FiOS consumer base and media, both nationally and locally. While he often writes about the latest FiOS news, he also enjoys networking and discussing how technology is fueling a change in our everyday lifestyle.