Galaxy S4 a Great Phone Companion for Business and Pleasure

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As you likely know, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has been released with much fanfare and excitement. Consumers may be skeptical about a phone with a lot of buzz, wondering "Is the Galaxy S4 a great phone?" The answer is an emphatic yes. By taking a quick look at some interesting features of this device, hopefully we'll be able to get rid of those concerns for anyone looking to pick one up.

With a screen boasting a diameter wider than a baseball, this smartphone not only packs an assortment of versatility in functions, it also has a great visual setup. The 5 inch full HD Screen is truly mesmerizing. Whether you are looking at vacation pictures or pictures of a rock, anything viewed on that screen has the potential to look amazing. The Galaxy S4 phone is light in weight and relatively thin despite having a large screen, meaning you will have an impressive phone without it dragging your pocket. Whether you are looking at pictures, watching videos or playing games the full HD screen allows anything you are viewing to jump out of the screen.

Other impressive features of the Galaxy S4 include:

Multi-window use – Have you ever wanted to surf the web and watch a movie at the same time? Want no more! With the multi-window option you can watch videos on half of the screen and text on the other half. For business professionals, the ability to send an email while checking out a web page can greatly improve effectiveness and avoid any mistakes made by switching back and forth.

The Camera – The Galaxy S4’s Dual Shot mode is groundbreaking. This feature allows users to take a picture using the front facing 2mp camera and the 13mp rear facing camera at the same time. The effect is that photos are created with a picture-in-picture experience. No more taking awkward self-portraits to insert yourself into the picture with the easy-to-use Dual Shot mode.

S Translate – Find yourself stuck in an ethnic restaurant and need to speak with the waiter in their native tongue? Have no fear, the Galaxy S4 has you covered. S Translate has 9 languages loaded to translate and playback your order in 9 different languages. FYI “I would like some mac and cheese” in German is pronounced “lch mochte etwas Mac und Kase”

This device is also equipped with a quad core 1.9 GHz processor to make it lightning fast when switching applications, playing games and more.

So is the Samsung Galaxy S4 a great phone? Most definitely. For more Galaxy S4 information, check out the product page here.

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