Gather The Family Around These Holiday-themed Sites

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I’m often scouring the back hallways and alleys of the Interwebz for creative muse or a good share. This time of year always puts me in the giving spirit, so I wanted my scouring to benefit you and your family during the holidays. Below, are a few neat holiday-themed sites I’ve stumbled upon that you, the kids, and that third-cousin from Omaha you see once every five years can all enjoy.

Those paper snowflakes we all know and love…well…without the paper.


Track Santa’s course around the world. Did you know Verizon employee volunteers actually pitch in to answer phone calls and emails to NORAD on Christmas Eve?


With this web app from Made with Code, you can try your hand at coding your own unique Christmas tree light show. The cool kicker is that once you submit your code, it will actually display in Washington D.C.!


Drop a sweet Holiday soundtrack and share it with your friends and family.


Make every website on the Internet look like an ugly Christmas sweater.


So whichever device the family is bringing to the gathering table this year, you can come together around these seasonal sites.



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