Hurricane Irma: Florida update

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Two WECCs have been deployed in Naples

As recovery efforts progress, Verizon network engineers are working 24x7 to restore service and make repairs to the network, many of which are already complete. Our massive refueling operations continue so that towers without commercial power can remain in service. Our mobile equipment fleet has been deployed throughout Florida. Hundreds of portable generators are currently in use. Yesterday, we deployed two SPOTs (Satellite Picocells on Trailers), which are stand-alone cell sites delivering LTE and voice services that are powered with a generator and rely on satellite connection so no wired connections are required. These were deployed in the Keys to assist the Florida Department of Law Enforcement with their recovery operations.

Just like our network engineers, our Operations, IT and Retail teams have also been working nonstop to reopen our stores. Generators have been deployed to locations still without power and Stores on Wheels to locations with significant damage. More than 90 percent of our company-owned retail locations in Florida will be open for business today to serve the needs of all those in the community. Visit our Store Locator site for more information.

Additionally two Wireless Emergency Communication Centers (WECCs) have been deployed in Naples near the areas hardest hit by the storm. WECCs are generator-powered mobile units that have device charging, computer workstations and wireless phones, tablets and other devices to contact friends, family and other important contacts over the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network. Those are located in the Home Depot parking lot behind our Pine Ridge store and at Naples Community Hospital North.

Verizon continues to offer talk, text and data relief to all of our Florida customers, and we have also extended the offer to nine coastal Georgia counties – through September 15.

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To help Hurricane Irma victims reach loved ones and important contacts, two Wireless Emergency Communication Centers (WECCs) have been deployed by Verizon in Naples.
Verizon is extending its data relief offer through Monday, September 18 for all Florida customers in the 239, 305 and 786 area codes.