If grapes could talk, what would they say?

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Hahn Family Wines, established in 1980, needed a solution to manage soil moisture levels for its vineyards. This family-owned winery is home to 650 acres of estate vineyards with roots dating back to the 1790s when Spanish missionaries realized the rare soils in Monterey, California were ideal for grapevines.

For the past few years, water-strapped California has been in a serious drought, so every drop of water is sacred to ensure the survival of the state's wine industry.

Our Product & New Business team worked in tandem with Hahn to install our Internet of Things (IoT) AgTech sensors to increase the precision and better understand the irrigation needs of each block of grapevines.

These sensors, which communicate or "talk" through a transceiver, measure temperature and humidity. Based on that data, soil moisture monitors can measure water volume at different soil depths. That information helps flow meters gauge the amount of water to apply. Sensors in the field are also connected to a gateway housed in a "weather station" to measure wind speed/direction, humidity, rainfall and photosynthetic radiation from the sun's rays.

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