Inventors’ Best Friend: Lynn, MA Company Helps Bring Patent Applications to Life

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Time is money. Bob Bond knows that business axiom as well as anyone. That’s why when it was time to grow his business, he turned to Verizon FiOS for his Internet service.

Bob owns a patent illustration, graphic design, and photography business in a recently restored old brick building in downtown Lynn, Massachusetts. His team of professional illustrators, designers and photographers work seven days a week, turning out high-quality images that must get to his clients immediately. As the business grew, so did Bob’s reliance of an Internet service that could not only give him fast reliable download speeds but more importantly, fast, reliable upload speeds. He had FiOS installed and he says “I don’t know what slow is anymore.”

It’s not uncommon for three artists to be sending large images to clients at the same time. “It takes a good upload speed to get there,” Bond said. “When I send a file, I know it’s going to go. There are no slowdown periods.”

While some cable companies claim to be able to match FiOS download speeds (and in most cases they can’t), none can match Verizon’s upload speeds, which can provide up to 100 megabits per second. (500 Mbps download, if you’re interested).

Bond said his business is running smoothly and growing in large part due to the speed and reliability of his FiOS Internet service. His message to other businesses: “If you have FiOS in your community, give Verizon a call because they will take care of you.”




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