It Really is All About You (with Personal Tech!)

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I can remember my parents teaching me about the importance of the greater good as a child.  “It’s not all about you” and “you get along by going along,” were common themes that I recall.  Sound familiar?  Turns out, they were right…except when it comes to personal technology.

Earlier this week, entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 executives and venture capitalists gathered at the 6th Annual Media Tech Summit in NYC to discuss the latest tech trends, innovations, social media, the internet and more.   Bob Mudge, Verizon’s President of Consumer & Mass Business sat down with Shelly Palmer, Fox 5 New York’s On-air Tech Expert and the host of Fox Television’s show Shelly Palmer Digital Living to discuss living in today’s “Connected World” and why FiOS is the network for the next 100 years.  

“Whether it’s through  TVs, tablets or mobile devices, the connectivity we expect every day, centers around three pillars at Verizon: the Cloud, LTE and FiOS,” said Bob Mudge. He also emphasized how broadband is quickly becoming the center of the universe.  Whether it’s on-demand or live linear content, consumers expect what we at Verizon call, the Borderless Lifestyle - anytime, anywhere access to their favorite movies and TV shows.  “It’s about delivering the best technology and entertainment experience for our customers and taking the connected home to the next level.” 

For an excerpt of Bob’s discussion with Shelly, check out the video.