It’s the most wonderful time…

By: Ali Stevens
Manager - Corporate Communications

To share virtual traditions and holiday memories.

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It’s (almost!) the most wonderful time of the year. 2020 has been a year unlike any other and the upcoming holidays will be no different. We might not all be able to celebrate in person this year but with some creativity, maybe we can be almost there. With a cardboard cutout and connectivity, we can still be together... apart.

Share your stories with to be featured and entered to receive a cutout for the loved ones you’ll miss the most at your holiday gatherings this year.

Week 1: Andy Choi

If you would just humor me for a moment, imagine the author of this blog post walking aimlessly through a small village, talking directly to you about ways to stay balanced in a life filled with uncertainty. At some point, this man will ask, “How do we keep our balance?”

If you’re a fan of musical theater, there’s only one way to answer this. You join the man in gleefully singing this simple, one word answer:


Now that I’ve successfully placed Tevye the Dairyman’s song in your head, I invite you to think about how our own traditions reflect the spirit of who we are. As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of 2020, maintaining those traditions this holiday season just might be where we find our greatest joys.

Here’s one way my family celebrates the holiday season. For several years now, my brother Brian and I have made it a (wait for it) tradition to record and share a holiday song for our family and friends. My favorite may have been in 2014, when we finally convinced my mom to join us under the condition we rock our ugly Christmas sweaters. Here’s our rendition of Silent Night.

I’m not quite sure what this Choi family tradition will look and sound like this year. But rest assured, we will safely find a way to celebrate (and record a new carol!). Like Tevye’s fiddler on the roof, there is always a way to scratch out a pleasant tune no matter the circumstances.

About the author:

Ali Stevens is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team specializing in events and communications.

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