KFYR-TV: Verizon Brings 4G LTE Network to Bismarck & Minot, ND

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KFYR-TV shares the news about us launching our 4G LTE network in the Bismarck and Minot, ND areas.

Many Verizon Wireless customers in our area with 4G phones may have noticed a big change today. The company launched their 4G LTE network in Bismarck, Mandan, Minot and Grand Forks today. ...

Verizon representatives say that this new network was built from the ground up.

"The 4G LTE network is the fastest technology available today. All 4G networks are not the same, this is a new network built from the ground up. So it`s fibered to every cell site, it`s new equipment on every cell site, it`s an overlay to our existing network. So that`s why it`s taken a little bit of time to deploy, but we`re going to continue to rapidly deploy it. We`re the leading carrier across the country in deploying this high speed network," said spokesperson Karen Smith.

Video from KFYR-TV

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