LDDS Worldcom's ATM switch-to-switch service gives network managers flexibility and freedom

TULSA, Okla. (September 25, 1995)-- Continuing its commitment to develop and deploy leading-edge technologies, LDDS WorldCom is introducing a broadband service called ATM Switch-to-Switch (ATM STS).

This service, available nationwide, provides network managers new flexibility and freedom in designing and operating their ATM networks. ATM STS offers customers the ability to connect their local ATM customer premise equipment to other ATM switches over the wide area network. The service also offers multiple classes of service including available bit rate (ABR), constant bit rate (CBR) and variable bit rate (VBR) to accommodate video, voice and bursty local area network applications.

Customers will be able to use virtual channel connections (VCC) and virtual path connections (VPC) at ATM transport speeds of DS-1 and DS-3 as well as OC-3 on an individual case basis. The DS-1 transport and OC-3 transport will be available in the fourth quarter this year. DS-3 transport is available today on the LDDS WorldCom Data Concourse. "We anticipate network managers will be excited about this ATM Switch-to-Switch service because they will have more network flexibility than ever before," said Chuck Poston, LDDS WorldCom broadband services manager. "We're providing an integrated solution for network managers to connect their local ATM networks over the wide area network via the LDDS WorldCom Data Concourse." This service is a natural expansion of the LDDS WorldCom broadband services strategy.

The company introduced the first commercially available ATM product, Channel Networking Service, in mid-1993, followed by its LAN Connection Service in December 1993. Both of these ATM services remain available today on the data concourse. As more users entertain the idea of using ATM and campus level switches instead of large routers on their local area networks, services like ATM STS will flourish. Lee Akridge, director of Communications Networks and Products Initiatives for the Integrated Engineering Division of TRW Inc., said, "There is a definite need for these types (ATM STS) of services because ATM is becoming the backbone of choice for a campus level environment. "Therefore, there is going to be a distinct need to connect each of those switches on different campuses by way of a natural connection, if you will," Akridge said. "Also, we certainly recognize the need for ABR, CBR and VBR classes of service." To provide the best solution for data customers, the ATM STS service is offered with two options -- standard and enhanced.

The standard option may be selected by a company with an experienced technical staff which can provide and maintain the ATM CPE switch. LDDS WorldCom provides, installs and maintains and manages the network up to, but not including, the customer switch. The enhanced service option is designed for companies which have internal networking and CPE expertise, but may need assistance in implementing wide area connectivity and acquiring ATM switches.

With this option, LDDS WorldCom maintains and manages the network. Strategic business partners are selected to join the LDDS WorldCom ATM STS team. They supply, install and configure an ATM CPE switch which has been certified in the LDDS WorldCom Enterprise Lab. "We have developed a team approach with our strategic business partners, and our systems engineers, project managers, technical support staff and certification personnel. We believe this approach provides the support our customers are seeking," Poston said. "We try to offer the best technology for each customer's specific applications. Our customers have many different data needs, and we want to propose a solution that best fits their individual companies." ATM Switch-to-Switch customer equipment currently certified by LDDS WorldCom includes the Cisco LightStream 2020, Fore ASX 200, Newbridge 36150 MainStreet and the StrataCom BPX. The equipment is certified at the user network interface level.

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