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Women Who Game
What’s the fastest growing professional sport in the world? It’s not basketball, soccer, baseball, football or hockey – it’s esports. Known more colloquially as online gaming, professional esports will soon be a billion dollar business and is projected to grow 38 percent in 2018 to just over $900 billion according to Newzoo
Like traditional sports, esports has historically been perceived as a man’s world. But thanks to the emergence of talented professional women gamers, the future of esports is female. In that spirit, we’re excited to host our first-ever Verizon Fios “Women Who Game” live broadcast this Wednesday, March 7, at 10:15 a.m.  ET. 
From CS:GO and Smash Brothers Melee to game development, you’ll hear from some of the top women leading the charge in esports about what it’s like to work and play in a traditionally male-dominated industry. 
Our panelists will discuss how they got involved with esports, the challenges they've overcome as women, as well as recent changes to esports, and how teams, players, and fans will be impacted. And of course, without cutting-edge technology, none of this could happen. Hear about the latest tech developments that keep you connected, patching, and playing at top speeds with virtually zero lag. 
As a company with strong, smart women throughout our organization, Verizon is committed to encouraging women of all walks of life to pursue their passions no matter the obstacles.

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