The Most Important Service in the Home

How important is it to have a good home Internet connection? So important that 89 percent of those participating in the latest Verizon FiOS Innovation Index Survey said it was the most important service in the house. Now I’m not sure how many would give the same response in the middle of a New York winter but it’s still an impressive indicator of just how vital the home Internet connection has become.

Responses to the FiOS Innovation Index Survey came from two distinct groups: approximately 45 percent of the respondents were preregistered attendees to Engadget Expand, a biannual conference for techies, and the balance came from the general consumer population.

What was remarkable was how close the groups were in agreeing on the importance of a high-speed broadband Internet connection. Not only was it the most important service in the home but it was also one of the most important considerations when looking for a new house or apartment, beating out access to public transportation and nearby schools. And it’s clear that visiting the local Starbucks or accessing the Internet from work is no substitute for a home connection, with 96 percent stating that home Internet was more important.

The survey results came just ahead of the release of the new PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, and it was no surprise that these next-generation consoles were eagerly awaited by a large percentage of the survey respondents. In fact, almost one-third of the Expand attendees said they would give up driving a car for six months if they could be one of the first to get their hands on a new console!

It’s clear that a fast, reliable home Internet connection is no longer a luxury. Gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and an array of other connected devices have become indispensable in the modern day home, and even minor outages or a slowdown in Internet response time can cause extreme frustration. How painful is buffering for today’s consumers? When asked what was more painful, buffering while streaming video or having a root canal, over 50 percent of all survey respondents chose buffering!

So if you need a home Internet service that’s going to support your digital lifestyle and not let you down, choose Verizon FiOS. It’s the smart way to stay connected.