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06.28.2018Inside Verizon

My Verizon family means a lot.

By: Lillian Doremus
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V Teamer Cheryl Boulanger made it through the storm, but her house wasn’t as lucky.

VtoV Cheryl Boulanger

Cheryl Boulanger of the Billing Solutions team in Lake Mary, FL will never forget the destruction left behind by Hurricane Irma last summer.

She knew living near the St. John’s River system made her more vulnerable to flooding. After Irma struck, the river flooded -- hitting its second highest mark ever and for the next 42 days, Cheryl had to canoe to her car.

Even though her house sat 10 feet above the river, her house was nearly destroyed. When her Emergency Preparedness Coordinator recommended she call VtoV, our Employee Relief Fund, Cheryl resisted at first. Now, she cannot be more grateful for the support of her fellow V Teamers. With insurance only willing to cover a portion of the damage, VtoV helped her get the essentials she needed, including food and household supplies.

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Lillian Doremus is a member of the Verizon Corporate Communications team. She highlights workplace culture and employee achievements.