08.20.2015Enterprise Tech

Boosting Public Sector Recruitment Through IT Innovation

Technology and innovation are transforming the business of government. While technology presents many opportunities for the public sector — streamlining the delivery of services, enhancing business processes and meeting strategic mission requirements — one factor will spell ultimate success: attracting and developing a dynamic IT workforce in a highly competitive market for talent acquisition. Mike Maiorana, senior vice president of public sector markets for Verizon Enterprise Solutions recently discussed the state of the northern Virginia tech scene and the demand for talent in an audio podcast with the Northern Virginia Technology Council.

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Maiorana described the region as “extremely dynamic with a combination forces at play unlike any other market in the country.” With a huge federal government presence, top-notch institutions of higher education, and innovative companies in a variety of fields (including defense, IT, communications and biotechnology), northern Virginia has the potential to be a booming tech hub sought after by many talented employees. “The combination of these forces, along with a highly educated workforce and a growing entrepreneurial focus that we see through private equity, spells future success,” Maiorana added.

With the public sector accelerating its push to adopt technologies to streamline operations, control costs and enhance service delivery, the need for talent will continue to grow. Similar to companies in the private sector, the demand for highly skilled workers will continue to increase at an exponential rate. “At Verizon, recruiting is one of our key areas of focus and it’s a topic that I’ve emphasized over my entire career,” Maiorana said. “To recruit top talent, an organization needs to have a good reputation across the markets it serves and in the communities that it calls home. Having an outstanding brand and culture attracts good people. ” Maiorana also noted that in order for any organization to attract and retain good talent, it needs a sustained commitment to developing, coaching, training and rewarding employees for their performance.

Mentoring and career progression are key areas of focus in meeting employee expectations related to career growth and the opportunity to try new things. “The most talented people are full of energy and ideas,” Maiorana said. “They want a voice and the ability to produce meaningful work.  They want to make a positive impact, whether it’s in public safety, education, healthcare or defense.

Employers really need to make these opportunities available to their workforces.” Maiorana concluded the interview by offering his insights on the government IT market, noting that staying ahead of emerging technology trends will enable the public sector to remain competitive and innovative. “It’s an exciting time in government IT,” Maiorana said. “Public sector organizations are working hard to deliver the best service and increase efficiency and performance, all while reducing costs. IT is a key enabler to meet these objectives. The key to success will be attracting and retaining a strong pool of IT talent.”

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