New grant from NTIA focuses on accelerating O-RAN across multiple carriers and vendors globally

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WASHINGTON, DC - Today, Verizon, along with a consortium of industry carriers, vendors and developers, was awarded a grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) to drive testing and evaluation of O-RAN compliant wireless infrastructure. The work of this consortium will focus on refining and driving standards, equipment and interoperability to accelerate O-RAN across the globe, especially as it relates to multi-vendor performance. The award of $42.3 million is made under the Public Wireless Supply Chain Innovation Fund created by Congress.

“We applaud the NTIA, Congress, and our industry partners who have recognized the need for advancing innovation, interoperability and supplier diversity within the telecommunications industry and have brought together a consortium of carriers, vendors and developers to directionally advance this important technology evolution. The transition to Open RAN has the potential to bring many benefits in terms of deployment flexibility, faster innovation in an open environment, and greater service options by increasing the opportunity for new entrants to provide competitive and advanced solutions. The work resulting from this grant will drive the evolution of multi-vendor ORAN capabilities to a level of reliability and performance our customers have come to expect. More competition, more innovation, exceptional performance, and increased supplier diversity will all be net benefits to operators and customers. We are pleased to join AT&T in leading this consortium to build on the substantial work we have driven in this area and drive adoption across the industry at scale.”

- Joe Russo, EVP & President, Global Network and Technology

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