New survey suggests parents need to be better driving role models for teens

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Hum by verizon releases survey results in support of national teen driver safety week

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To raise awareness among teens and their parents about safe driving, Hum by Verizon released findings from a new survey conducted with Wakefield Research in support of National Teen Driver Safety Week (October 21-28).

Since car crashes continue to be the leading cause of teen deaths in the U.S., it is more important than ever for parents and teens to have open conversations about safety and how to be responsible for themselves and others while driving.

The survey, which was conducted earlier this month among 1,000 U.S. teen drivers, found that 79 percent of teen drivers said they rely on their parents or guardians more than anyone else to serve as a role model for their driving.

However, that does not mean parents always lead by example:

  • 80 percent of teen drivers have witnessed their parent or guardian drive unsafely in the past year

    • 57 percent of teen drivers have witnessed their parents drive over the speed limit

    • 46 percent of teen drivers have witnessed their parents slam on their brakes

    • 25 percent of teen drivers have witnessed their parents drive without a seat belt on and make illegal maneuvers

Since many teen drivers may not be learning the necessary safety skills from their parents, they are not always equipped to address or fix a safety issue when they're alone on the road:

  • Only half of teen drivers would know what to do if they get a flat tire (51 percent) or get into an accident (49 percent)

  • Only 41 percent would know what do if an emergency alert goes off in their car

One way to keep both teens and parents safer on the road is to use a connected car system, such as Hum, that provides key information and empowers drivers in just about any vehicle.

Hum is an aftermarket vehicle technology that is compatible with more than 150 million passenger vehicles, 1996 and newer. It helps alert to potential issues, provides assistance with breakdowns and offers protection when problems do arise. At the simple press of a button, drivers can receive live consultation with ASE-certified mechanics and emergency personnel on-demand and access to some of Hum's basic features such as vehicle diagnostics and speed alerts, as well as access to a wide range of retail, dining, service and travel discounts.*

The Hum app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store for both current and new customers. For pricing and information, and to check vehicle compatibility, please visit a Verizon Wireless retail store or

* HumX is available via Verizon Wireless only; HumX service operates on 4G LTE network only and requires data usage. Not all products are available in all areas. Pinpoint roadside assistance provided by Signature Motor Club, Inc., up to 4 events per year. Many services require GPS service and/or network availability, not available in all locations. Not all incidents or problems will be detected. Compatible vehicle model restrictions apply. Automotive discount services not available to everywhere. © 2018 Verizon.

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