Nicki Palmer at Mobile World Congress, Oath launches new ad formats and Envrmnt by Verizon gives a virtual tour.

By: Jeremy Godwin

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Nicki Palmer is in Barcelona with an update on Mobile World Congress. She explains why Mobile World Congress is an important event for Verizon to attend and plan for the future. Second, Oath takes to Mobile World Congress and shows off its new ad formats – utilizing augmented reality and mobile. Next, Envrmnt by Verizon gives a virtual tour of its lab. The tour gave insight on AR, VR and the budding new technologies being used today.

The stories.

Verizon’s Oath marks MWC with international roll-out of mobile-first ad units

Oath has kicked off its Mobile World Congress (MWC) activity with the international roll-out of a suite of ad formats, including augmented reality (AR), full-screen native and interactive ad units, as the Verizon-owned adtech offering vies for further ad spend.

Take an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) tour with Envrmnt by Verizon

You’ve probably heard a lot lately about Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). But do you know how it works? Envrmnt by Verizon, our AR/VR technology innovator, wants to help teach kids (and all of us) how it works. Recently they took 45,000 kids from our VIL schools on a virtual tour of our AR/VR lab in Warren, NJ.


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