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10.31.2017Enterprise Tech

Not your great grandfather’s real estate company

By: Nilesh Pritam
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There’s a high likelihood that you have, at some point, visited or worked in a JJL-managed property, regardless of where you live.

JLL is a Fortune 500 real estate services company, with about 80,000 experts in over 80 countries all around the world. They’ve been around for nearly 250 years and have worked on some of the world’s biggest deals and real estate projects.

JLL’s roots stretch as far back at the 18th century, so it’s no surprise that the company has been through its fair share of transformation – and at the moment, digital transformation is its focus. Today, the company is all about using technology to optimize its business processes, and help “clients add value to their real estate.”  - In fact, to read JLL’s fact sheet is akin to reading a technology report. To this end, the company has set an ambitious goal: digitize all JLL data, workflows and business applications by 2020.

Verizon speaks with JLL’s Australian Head of IT, Andrew Clowes, to learn a little more about the company’s transformational story, the importance of data analytics, competition in a competitive marketplace and how Verizon helps connect the dots. 

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Nilesh is a communications manager for Verizon Enterprise Solutions, overseeing Verizon’s external communications in the Asia-Pacific region.