One third of Americans will watch men’s college basketball tournament on a mobile device

By: Trevor Thomas

The men’s college basketball tournament is just around the corner and 46 percent of Americans plan to tune in this March – including more than half of American men (59%) and Millennials (54%). Notably, one in three Americans will use a mobile device to stream a tournament game and/or keep track of their bracket, according to the survey.

Millenials are the demographic most likely to watch a game on their mobile

Millennials are the demographic most likely to watch a game on their mobile device, with 58 percent planning to do so. In fact, the survey revealed that mobile devices account for nearly a third of Millennials’ game time views, with another 40 percent using their device to keep track of their brackets.

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*The survey was conducted Feb. 16-18 by KRC Research for Verizon.

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Trevor Thomas is Verizon’s national corporate communications manager for wireless pricing, plans, and promotions. He writes about those topics and his own personal experiences with wireless technology.