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Pregnancy Apps For Expecting Moms

pregnancy apps

Pregnancy is an exciting time for moms, but also a challenging time to stay organized. There are new experiences and much to remember when scheduling doctor’s appointments, enrolling in classes and making arrangements for the bundle of joy on the way.

Smartphones can help moms navigate the nine month stretch and stay organized along the way. Here are a few helpful pregnancy apps that are just what the doctor ordered:

Choose a baby name. Parents no longer have to flip through endless baby name books! Navigating choices has never been easier with apps like Baby Names (free on Android) and Baby Name Finder by SureBaby (free on Apple). Both apps feature databases with thousands of name options to explore, including the origin and meaning of each name. Save your favorites to review later as decision time nears.

Track pregnancy process. My Pregnancy Today by Baby Center (free on Apple or Android) is a robust tracking app with weekly tips for parents and daily updates on how your little one is growing, as well as preparation checklists and a nutrition guide. Baby Center also offers an iPad app called Birth Class, a free labor and delivery course that parents can watch from the comfort of home. Pregnancy Tracker by (free on Apple) shares intel from the best-selling book right on your device.

Get organized. Sprout ($3.99 on Apple) is a top-rated pregnancy app with not only a progress tracker, but also an organizer function that allows users to seamlessly input doctor’s appointments and other important engagements occurring over the nine-month stretch. The developer, Med ART Studios, also offers several apps that will come in handy once the baby arrives, including Baby Feeding Tracker ($2.99 on Apple) and Baby Diaper Tracker ($1.99 on Apple).

Prepare for the big day. New moms often worry about how they will know when labor begins and what a contraction is like. Contraction Monitor Free (free on Apple) or Pregnancy Contraction Timer (free on Android) makes it easy for parents to use their device like a stopwatch to record contractions. The apps keep records of each contraction to show labor progress, which is helpful information to share with your doctor when the big day arrives.

Stay fit. Sculpt My Pregnancy ($3.99 on Apple) provides users with safe daily stretch and exercise recommendations to help moms stay active and prioritize physical fitness and healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

If you or someone you know is expecting, hopefully these pregnancy apps will help make the process smoother!

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