Area Code Countdown Continues; Callers Should Use New 724 Area Code Now

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Area Code Countdown Continues; Callers Should Use New 724 Area Code Now

Mandatory Dialing of New Code Begins April 30

April 13, 1998

Media contact:

Sharon Shaffer,
Harry Mitchell,

PITTSBURGH - Time is running out for western Pennsylvanians to get
ready for the new 724 area code. Beginning April 30, callers will
have to use the 724 area code to reach numbers in the new code's
geographic area.

The 724 area code will serve the region surrounding the Pittsburgh
metropolitan area, while Pittsburgh and most of its suburbs will keep
the current 412 area code.

"Bell Atlantic wants to make this change trouble-free for our
customers," said Sandy Scott, Bell Atlantic - Pennsylvania
manager-customer education for the new area code implementation. "We
want to ensure that people are aware of the new code and are already
making necessary changes to their phone systems, speed dialing lists
or fax machines. Paying attention to these details now will save
customers potential headaches when mandatory dialing of the new area
code begins April 30."

The area code change will not affect the price of phone service, and a
customer's local calling area will remain the same, even if it
includes both area codes. Callers in the 412 and 724 area codes will
continue to dial seven digits to numbers in the same area code, and
"1" plus the area code and seven-digit phone number for calls to other
area codes.

Through April 29, callers in the current 412 area code may reach a
number in the new 724 area code - Greensburg, for example - either by
dialing "1" plus the new 724 area code and the seven-digit telephone
number or by dialing only the seven-digit number.

From April 30 through mid-July, callers who forget to use the new area
code will hear a recorded reminder telling them to first dial "1" plus
the new code.

Emergency Numbers May Be Affected

Customers in communities without a 911 emergency system should make
sure they know the correct telephone number to call for emergency
services such as ambulance, fire and police if they are near the
boundary of the 412 and 724 area codes. "Some customers in these
communities will have to dial an area code as well as the seven-digit
number for emergency services," said Scott. Bell Atlantic is sending
bill inserts to customers in these communities to help them determine
whether their emergency service numbers are affected.

"Customers should write the complete phone number, including area code
if needed, for any emergency services on the special card included with
the bill insert, in their telephone directory and any other convenient
location for quick and easy reference," said Scott. "In addition, they
should program these emergency services numbers in any speed dialing
list they use. Doing so will ensure that customers can reach emergency
services as quickly as possible."

Spreading the Word about New Code

Bell Atlantic - Pennsylvania is helping customers learn to use the new
724 area code through an extensive education campaign, which includes
customer letters and bill inserts, as well as newspaper and radio
advertising. Residents have seen information on the new code at many
local events, including home, boat and garden shows and Pittsburgh
Pirates baseball games.

In addition, the company is working with the Allegheny County
Department of Aging to distribute area code material to senior
citizens centers throughout the county. Bell Atlantic representatives
also have attended several senior citizens events over the past few
months to share information about the new code.

To answer questions about the new 724 area code, Bell Atlantic has
established a toll-free hotline (800-500-2167), which can be called
Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Another hotline
(800-TOLL412 or 800-865-5412) is helping callers determine in advance
if the number they want to dial is a toll call. And an Internet site
( provides a wealth of
information about area code changes in Pennsylvania and across Bell
Atlantic's service area.

Other Helpful Hints to Prepare for New Code

Customers should prepare for the area code change by taking the
following steps:

  • Reprogram telecommunications services and equipment to include the
    new area code. This includes computer modems, Call Forwarding
    (including Ultra Forward® and Select Forward), Call Block, Priority
    Call, Bell Atlantic® Easy Voice, Call Gate, Special Delivery® service
    on Home Voice Mail Service, pager notification on features such as
    Home Voice Mail Service, and speed dialing lists - particularly those
    on office phones, cellular phones and fax machines.

  • Notify people who call you regularly. Tell friends, relatives,
    customers, employees, local affiliates, business associates, suppliers
    and others.

  • Make certain the new area code appears in your company's ads and
    promotional materials. These include print ads, radio and TV spots,
    Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages advertising, classified ads, signs,
    Internet sites, recorded messages, cars and trucks, billboards, mugs,
    key chains or anything else that displays your new area code and
    telephone number.

  • Put the new area code on printed materials, such as stationery,
    business cards, invoices, purchase orders, brochures, catalogs,
    product packaging, internal records, checks, company directories and

  • Check with suppliers to make sure your telecommunications equipment
    can accept the new 724 area code. Burglar alarm systems and PBX
    exchanges also may need to be reprogrammed.

These changes will help prevent problems April 30 when the transition
period ends and callers must use the new area code.

To prepare for the change, Bell Atlantic will reprogram or modify the
following services to reflect the new 724 area code: Centrex and
Centrex Extend services, Foreign Exchange Service, Remote Call
Forwarding, Call Restriction, directory listings and numbers blocked
at the customer's request.

(NOTE TO EDITORS: For a list of telephone number exchanges - the first
three digits of a seven-digit phone number - that will be switched to
the 724 area code, see Bell Atlantic's area code Web site at

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wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are premier
providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market leaders
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information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's
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operations and investments in 21 countries.

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