Bell Atlantic and Metromedia Fiber Network Reach Landmark Agreement to Facilitate Fiber Distribution in Bell Atlantic Central Offices

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Bell Atlantic and Metromedia Fiber Network Reach Landmark Agreement
to Facilitate Fiber Distribution in Bell Atlantic Central Offices

Agreement Will Provide CLEC Customers with Rapid and Cost-
Effective Dark Fiber Connectivity Inside Bell Atlantic Central Offices

June 14, 1999


For Metromedia Fiber Network
Gary J. Gatyas, Jr., Media Relations

Gibbs & Soell, Inc.
Ellen Strahs Fader, Investor Relations

Metromedia Fiber Network

For Bell Atlantic
, Media Relations

NEW YORK -- Metromedia Fiber Network, Inc.
(NASDAQ: MFNX) and Bell Atlantic (NYSE: BEL) have signed
an unprecedented agreement that enables Metromedia Fiber
Network (MFN) to implement dark fiber connectivity within all
Bell Atlantic central offices. This industry-first accord provides a
fast, efficient way for competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs)
to enter the local telecommunications market by allowing these
CLECs to utilize MFN's fiber to connect directly to Bell Atlantic's
network or another CLEC's network.

Under the agreement, Metromedia Fiber Network will install
hundreds of 'dark fibers' in Bell Atlantic's equipment buildings
(central offices or COs) but will not be required to locate the lines
in a separate area known as a collocation cage or space. Dark
fibers are fiber optic strands that provide virtually unlimited
bandwidth for the transmission of data, video, voice and multi-
media communications services.

This innovative arrangement, jointly developed by Metromedia
Fiber Network and Bell Atlantic, is a first between a regional Bell
company and a fiber provider. Never before has a non-incumbent
local exchange carrier been able to deploy an inventory of fiber
lines in an incumbent's CO without having to lease a collocation
cage or space. MFN will now be able to pull a single, high-
capacity cable to a universally accessible distribution point within
Bell Atlantic's portion of a central office and sell the lines directly
and efficiently to CLECs and other carrier customers.

Bell Atlantic and Metromedia Fiber Network will conduct an
initial trial of the service in five Bell Atlantic central offices in
New York City. Upon successful completion of the trial, MFN
plans to offer connections in more than 100 Bell Atlantic COs in
New York, Philadelphia, Washington, D.C. and Boston as well as
in key COs and tandem switching centers within the Boston to
Washington, D.C. corridor. MFN also plans to eventually expand
fiber optic infrastructure availability in other central offices in Bell
Atlantic's region.

"We're extremely excited by this agreement with Bell
Atlantic," said Howard Finkelstein, president of Metromedia
Fiber Network. "It creates a framework that complements
Metromedia Fiber Network's business strategy of becoming the
infrastructure provider of choice for CLECs, DSL providers, ISPs
and other carriers competing in the dynamic communications

"The scope of the new opportunity is significant because of
what it has created for carrier customers and because it creates a
model for the creation of fiber connectivity to central offices
throughout the country," added Finkelstein.

With Metromedia Fiber Network's high fiber count optical
infrastructure available in key central offices, CLECs will gain
immediate, unrestricted and unmetered bandwidth connectivity in
these vital communications centers, further increasing time to
market and cost advantages.

According to Jack Goldberg, president of Bell Atlantic's Telecom
Industry Services, "The innovative service enables fiber
providers to quickly and cost effectively compete with Bell
Atlantic to provide connections between central offices known as
interoffice transport facilities.

"Our negotiations with Metromedia Fiber Network have
resulted in an original solution that can serve as the foundation for
direct fiber connectivity in Bell Atlantic central offices," said
Goldberg. "This will not only provide more options for
CLECs entering the market, but it will further promote the
development and availability of cutting-edge communications
packages that combine voice, video and data services."

Finkelstein said: "Our thanks go to the FCC as well as the
New York State Public Service Commission and Bell Atlantic for
working with us to make this agreement possible. The creative
framework to which Bell Atlantic and Metromedia Fiber Network
agreed was the result of over one year of steady negotiations and
indicates a true commitment to increasing the competitive
landscape of communications in the region."

About Bell Atlantic

Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and
information industry. With 43 million telephone access lines and
nine million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic
companies are premier providers of advanced wireline voice and
data services, market leaders in wireless services and the world's
largest publishers of directory information. Bell Atlantic
companies are also among the world's largest investors in high-
growth global communications markets, with operations and
investments in 23 countries.

About Metromedia Fiber Network

Metromedia Fiber Network is building metropolitan fiber optic
infrastructure in the local loop in strategic Tier One markets,
enabling technologically sophisticated organizations to implement
the latest data, video, internet and multimedia applications. By
offering virtually unlimited, unmetered bandwidth at a fixed cost,
Metromedia Fiber Network is eliminating the bandwidth barrier
and redefining the way broadband capacity is sold.

Utilizing Metromedia Fiber Network's infrastructure, customers
are able to rapidly deploy state-of-the-art optical networks.
Communications carriers and ISPs gain local loop connectivity to
the most highly populated metropolitan areas. Corporate and
government customers benefit from private building-to-building
networks featuring the fastest transmission speeds available and
the highest levels of reliability and security. In addition to its
current expansion in 12 major North American cities, Metromedia
Fiber Network is entering the international market with fiber optic
network builds in Germany, and the provision of transatlantic
bandwidth capacity . For more information about Metromedia
Fiber Network, please visit the company's Web site at

This news release contains certain forward-looking statements that
involve risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause or
contribute to such risks and uncertainties include, but are not
limited to, general economic and business conditions, competition,
changes in technology and methods of marketing, and various
other factors beyond the Company's control. This also includes
such factors as described from time to time in the SEC reports filed
by Metromedia Fiber Network, including the most recently filed
Forms 10K and 10Q.

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