Bell Atlantic And NYNEX Create Telecommunications Hub At Presidents' Summit

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Bell Atlantic And NYNEX Create Telecommunications Hub At Presidents' Summit

Donate $1.6 Million to Keep Delegates and 'Virtual Delegates' Connected

April 23, 1997

Media contacts:

Bell Atlantic
Shannon Fioravanti

Maureen Flanagan

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Bell Atlantic and NYNEX are playing a major role in
next week's Presidents' Summit for America's Future by providing $1.6
million in communications products and services, training, and direct
support to attendees.

The announcement was made today at a press briefing with General
Chairman of the Summit, Gen. Colin Powell (Ret.), NYNEX President Don
, and Vice President of Bell Atlantic Corporate Communications
Patrick Coulter. As part of this donation, each of the companies'
foundations presented Powell with checks for $300,000.

In addition to the checks presented to Powell today, the companies
together are donating an additional $1 million in products and
services, including the development and continuing operation of a web
site, Internet training for delegates, cellular phones, cellular
airtime, pagers and laptop computers.

The two companies are the primary providers of telecommunications
services and equipment to the summit.

"Through their joint generosity, Bell Atlantic and NYNEX have made an
extraordinary and exemplary contribution to the success of the summit
and to the successful implementation of the summit's goals over the
next four years," said Gen. Powell. "The companies' gifts to us -- in
cash, in kind, and in services -- will not only enable our summit
participants to communicate clearly with each other and with concerned
citizens around the country, they will enable us to reach out more
widely and effectively to the public we want to reach most -- the kids
who need our help."

The summit, which takes place in Philadelphia April 27-29, kicks off a
national campaign to renew the spirit of volunteerism, especially
targeting America's youth.

"We are finding new ways to enable our companies and employees to give
back to the communities we serve, and we're beginning by creating for
the summit the best communications infrastructure available today,"
said Reed. "Our cellular unit, Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, and the
Internet Solutions group have made a tremendous commitment to support
the technological needs of the summit."

At the center of the Bell Atlantic and NYNEX communications initiative
is an interactive web site -- The site
creates "digital neighborhoods" enabling people to share problems and
solutions across town or across the country.

"Bell Atlantic and NYNEX are committed to maintaining and developing
this site to bring together individuals and companies with
organizations that provide critical services to kids who need help,"
said Coulter. "The Internet technologies launched this week will
enable delegates to receive input and share ideas long after they've
returned home."

Wireless to Play Unique Role

Trained volunteers will work with summit delegates to draw up
community action plans on 196 laptop computers, distributed by Bell
Atlantic and NYNEX. Of these, 40 are equipped with a wireless modem.
Action plans will be sent through the modems to the summit web site.
Delegates and anyone with an Internet connection can review and
comment on these plans, including people who are watching the summit
from back home.

The companies are also providing 90 cellular phones, 70 of them digital,
with four-line displays that can receive text messages. This feature
enables summit staff to communicate with delegates quickly and
efficiently. Cellular airtime is also being donated by the companies.
Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has installed a microcell inside the
convention center that will handle all of the summit's wireless
communications needs.

Voice services are being provided through a Bell Atlantic Centrex
system that includes 500 telephone lines at the convention center and
300 lines at Philadelphia's Independence Hall.

The companies have built a state-of-the-art data network that connects
PCs located throughout the Pennsylvania Convention Center with the
Internet. In addition, the companies are providing easy access to
summit information and the Internet with PCs located at 12 kiosks
around the hall, and in the Internet Resource Center, where there are
25 computers. At the Internet Resource Center Bell Atlantic and NYNEX
are sponsoring Internet training provided by HandsNet, a leader in the
area of instructing not-for-profit organizations on the Internet and
PC applications.

The companies are also sponsoring the summit participation of 14
not-for-profit agencies that, with Bell Atlantic and NYNEX funding,
have developed leading-edge, Internet-based communication and
information systems. The companies have invited these groups to
Philadelphia to share what they've learned with summit attendees.

Bell Atlantic and NYNEX have announced plans to merge, pending
regulatory approvals. The combined corporation will serve 39 million
telephone access lines in 13 states and more than four million
cellular customers. Shareowners of both companies overwhelmingly
approved the merger at special meetings in November 1996.


To News Editors: A separate news release
issued today by Bell Atlantic and NYNEX describes the companies' long-term
commitment to the Presidents' Summit. Photos of today's press briefing
will be posted on Bell Atlantic's Internet Web Site with this news release
and are available to the news media via the NewsCom bulletin board
service. For more information about the companies' involvement in the
summit, release visit the summit web site at

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