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Bell Atlantic Applauds Internet Regulatory Freedom Act

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Bell Atlantic Applauds Internet Regulatory
Freedom Act

May 14, 1999


Susan Kraus,

BACKGROUND -- Sen. John McCain has introduced the Internet
Regulatory Freedom Act, designed to eliminate unnecessary regulation
that impedes the growth of the Internet. The following reaction statement
should be attributed to Bell Atlantic.

Bell Atlantic applauds Sen. McCain for his vision and leadership on this
issue. This act will keep the Internet regulation-free, which will
encourage companies like Bell Atlantic to continue to invest in advanced
high-speed networks and services that benefit all consumers. We urge the
Senate to act on this measure quickly so that consumers can rest assured
that they will be better served in the future, with more choices and greater
competition for Internet services.

With legislation like this on the horizon, Bell Atlantic looks forward to
playing an important role in the continued explosive growth of the
Information Age's most important new medium.

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