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May 14, 1996


Streamlined Billing and Ordering, Long Distance and
Wireless Services to be Added
to Bell Atlantic
Large Business Services' Portfolio

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - Bell Atlantic today announced a
major expansion
of Bell Atlantic® All@once(sm) Solutions, a
business approach that
helps corporations, educational institutions and state and local
governments deal with the increasing complexities of meeting
information technology (IT) needs. Bell Atlantic Large Business
Services unveiled the new suite of services at its annual Enterprise
Exchange event

"As the result of increasing corporate consolidation, greater
workforce mobility and a steady stream of new technologies, our large
business customers are finding it more difficult to develop and manage
IT-based solutions," said Joe Cascio, vice president of marketing
Bell Atlantic. "When you add to this the many new opportunities
brought about by recent legislative reform, it is easy to see why
today's large businesses are looking for a simpler way to address
their networking needs."

Bell Atlantic's All@once approach addresses these complexities through
four major ongoing initiatives. These include the development of
simpler processes for ordering and paying for
; enhanced
professional services
; an expanded portfolio of
products and services
and new alliances with best-in-class companies.


Bell Atlantic is streamlining its customer service by redesigning its
internal ordering and billing processes for large business customers.

Bell Atlantic's new billing system, expressTRAK(tm), will provide
customers with a single monthly invoice for all Bell Atlantic Large
Business Services to help them organize, track and verify the accuracy
of bills. By simplifying the coding on current bills,
invoices will be easier to understand. The new system also offers a
choice of a traditional (but improved format) paper invoice, CD-ROM,
magnetic tape or on-line bills, and it allows customers to develop
custom billing reports.

"Our goal is nothing short of providing the best billing system
available in this or any industry," Cascio said.
"expressTRAK does
just that."

The State of West Virginia will be using expressTRAK
billing as part
of a three-month trial. Bell Atlantic will expand the new system to
serve additional large business customers throughout the mid-Atlantic
region by mid-1997.

"I expect expressTRAK will make it easier to serve
my internal clients
and manage costs," said Matthew Brown, telecom director for the
of West Virginia.

Another improvement, ILINQ, the company's new ordering system, will
let Bell Atlantic customer service representatives place customer
orders easily for integrated
services digital network (ISDN)
program telephone features directly from their computer screens to
provide immediate customer service. Other on-line tools will help
Bell Atlantic employees provide complex services easily and access
current account information faster to help serve customers more


In addition to new technological investments, Bell Atlantic has
enhanced its offering of professional services including consultation,
implementation and project management to better understand each
customer's needs and develop the best possible package of custom

"We've created a team of our best minds to help customers design
solutions that fit their needs," Cascio said. "This focus on
individual goals and problems saves our customers money and time."

The resources of the Bell Atlantic Network Integration (BANI) unit
provide a suite of nationally acclaimed networking, planning and
management professional services. Bell Atlantic also has trained and
certified project implementors and managers to help coordinate complex
technical installations, and is adding a consultation system that
applies the human aspect of process reengineering.

"For instance, we are teaming with Ernst and Young's business
reengineering experts so we can help our customers blend the people,
processes and technology to implement the changes they need to meet
their strategic goals," Cascio said.


By offering a fuller suite of services, Bell Atlantic can deliver more
powerful integrated business solutions that incorporate a range of
voice, video and data. Because their needs vary, large business
customers will be able to package the solutions they need in a
flexible way - from a la carte to integrated packages - as well as
choose support options that range from simple help desk services to
complete outsourcing.

Previously, federal law required Bell Atlantic to offer wireless
communications service through a separate subsidiary. However recent
reform legislation will allow Large Business Services to jointly
market and sell wireless and wireline services. After meeting the
regulatory checklist required for long distance entry, Bell Atlantic
also will begin to offer long distance service.

In the past year, Bell Atlantic Large Business Services added 11 new
products to its portfolio with more than that planned for introduction
in the next year.


All@once Solutions will continue to team Bell Atlantic with
best-in-class vendors. Since March 1995 when Bell Atlantic announced
its first alliances with Intel, 3Com Corporation, J&L Information
Systems and Gandalf Systems Corporation
, 13 companies have joined the
All@once alliance.

These alliances help Bell Atlantic provide comprehensive solutions to
meet a variety of large business customer needs. For example, Ernst &
and Logica provide different types of professional services
while Intel and PictureTel each provide
various hardware and software
components for video conferencing applications. Gandalf Systems, 3Com
Corporation and Cisco Systems all provide
remote LAN access hardware
and software.

Solutions requiring sophisticated communications hardware use products
manufactured by Teloquent, J&L Information Systems, Fujitsu, Mitel,
SpectraLink and Octel. Software solutions are supported by products
from Olicon Imaging Systems, GE Medical Systems, RTI, Inc. and Logical

The All@once approach allows large business customers to work with a
variety of best-in-class companies, while turning to Bell Atlantic as
a single source of business solutions.


Thanks to the flexibility of the All@once approach, Bell Atlantic can
customize solutions to specific needs across a variety of industries.

For example, the latest application available through All@once
Solutions lets financial institutions provide expert, face-to-face
sales and service to customers remotely, using video conferencing and

With this application, bank customers can place video calls from
off-site kiosks to experts who are knowledgeable in a variety of
financial services. It allows banks to handle hundreds of video calls
by automatically routing each call to the best-suited expert for
customer needs, so banks improve customer service, reduce transaction
cost and increase the efficiency of their financial counselors.

As members of the All@once alliance, Teloquent and PictureTel provide
the video call queuing and routing and the video conferencing
equipment for the application. Bell Atlantic provides the integrated
services digital network (ISDN), the system's software, and the agent
and user interfaces.

Another example of the All@once advantage comes from Medical Center
Radiologists, Inc. (MCR), a major medical group in Norfolk, Va., that
uses Bell Atlantic's new approach for teleradiology. Bell Atlantic
Large Business Services built a teleradiology network and custom
designed a package of services that now enables MCR to offer much
faster diagnoses and lower health care costs by using ISDN and
equipment from best-in-class companies. MCR radiologists now can view
X-rays, MRIs, CAT scans and ultrasound studies on a personal computer
from any of seven hospitals, 35 doctors' homes or a high-resolution
central reading station at MCR.

Bell Atlantic's ISDN service is the backbone for MCR's network.
Intel's ProShare video conferencing in a Windows-based application,
and operational software for medical image management produced by RTI,
Inc. are used in the application as well. Gandalf Systems' LAN
networking equipment allows remote access to patient records,
scheduling, e-mail and the Internet from any network location.

Bell Atlantic Corporation is at the forefront of the new
communications, entertainment and information industry. In the
mid-Atlantic region, the company is the premier provider of local
telecommunications and advanced services. Globally, it is one of the
largest investors in the high-growth communication marketplace. Bell
Atlantic also owns a substantial interest in Telecom Corporation of
New Zealand and is actively developing high-growth national and
international business opportunities in all phases of the industry.

The company's Large Business Services organization offers customers
Bell Atlantic All@once Solutions: integrated voice, data and video
applications and the professional consulting and support services that
add up to a precise solution that fits and evolves to meet customers'
specific communications needs.

ProShare is a registered trademark of Intel Corp.
Microsoft Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corp.

PictureTel is a registered trademark of PictureTel Corp.


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