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Bell Atlantic Foundation Partners With National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship

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Bell Atlantic Foundation Partners With
National Foundation for Teaching

October 27, 1999


Rosanna Weitekamp,
Communication Partners

(516) 593-2413

Michael Kornfeld,
Bell Atlantic

(212) 395-5990

NEW YORK -- The Bell Atlantic Foundation has provided a $30,000
grant to the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship. The
funds will help its New York City Youth Entrepreneurship Coalition
(YEC) infuse entrepreneurship and life skills curriculum into the New
York City Public Schools.

"The Bell Atlantic Foundation is proud to support this program as
part of its ongoing, long-term commitment to sponsor educational
programs that help prepare young adults to be productive members of
society," said Suzanne DuBose, president of the Bell Atlantic
Foundation. "We are particularly pleased to be part of a partnership
between the educational, business and philanthropic communities that's
helping to bring vital youth entrepreneurship training and education to
students in the New York City Public Schools."

NFTE President Steve Mariotti said: "We are delighted to have the
Bell Atlantic Foundation on board, particularly given its focus on
education and technology. Through their financial support and their
willingness to take a leadership role , Suzanne DuBose and her team will
be valuable assets to the Youth Entrepreneurship Coalition and excellent
role models for tomorrow's entrepreneurs."

Other partners involved in the YEC include Fleet Bank, JP Morgan, For
All Kids Foundation, The Gap, The Barker Welfare Foundation,
Microsoft, Princess House, the Philanthropic Collaborative and the Nathan
Cummings Foundation.

NFTE was founded in 1987 as a dropout prevention and academic
performance improvement program for students who were at risk of
failing or dropping out of school. NFTE teaches and directly impacts
students' basic academic and life skills through the use of an
entrepreneurship curriculum and it has gained recognition from leading
educators throughout the country. New York City Schools Chancellor
Rudy Crew describes NFTE as "helping people out of the abyss of
despair and hopelessness. NFTE is about building confidence in our
unpolished diamonds, our children. Former W.K. Kellogg Foundation
Program Officer DR. Bobby Austin calls NFTE "a national leader in
the field of youth entrepreneurship education."

Since its inception, NFTE has educated over 26,000 students across the
country and internationally on how to develop and operate their own
legitimate small businesses. NFTE delivers its mini MBA-style program
by focusing on developing curriculum, training teachers and providing
alumni services. In 1999, NFTE expects to train another 5,000 young
people. For more information about NFTE, please visit the Web site at

The Bell Atlantic Foundation supports a variety of projects domestically
and internationally, with an emphasis on new technology applications in
education, health and human services, the arts and humanities, and civic
development in the communities served by Bell Atlantic. For more
information, visit on the Internet.

NOTE: PHOTOS available upon request.