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March 19, 1996


Orlando, FL -- Four major U.S. telecommunications companies are
entering into a service agreement to jointly promote the sophisticated
services of their intelligent networks (IN).

IntelliBridge, a business service announced today at the Intelligent
Network World Forum in Orlando, initially will be provided Bell
Atlantic, GTE, Pacific Telesis and Southwestern Bell. Additional
companies are expected to join in the months ahead.

IntelliBridge will benefit mid- and large-sized companies with
operations throughout North America by providing a single point of
contact for all of their IN needs.

"For companies seeking to utilize national and global IN services,
IntelliBridge will be a breath of fresh air. Our group will
eliminate some of the hurdles that these companies have faced in
dealing with multiple service providers," said Barry Pershan, Bell
Atlantic director for IN Marketing.

"IntelliBridge bridges the gap between customers who want
about AIN services and the companies who can provide them with those
solutions," said Carl Huster, GTE Director-AIN Program Management.
"As a single point of contact for customers seeking information
advanced intelligent networks, IntelliBridge will be central to
shaping a broader understanding of AIN-based services through a
customer-focused alliance involving industry leaders."

"The idea is for IntelliBridge to become the world's one-stop point
contact for IN services and information," said Nick Ciancio, Pacific
Bell's Executive Director for Intelligent Network Services.

"Our goal is to inform potential clients about the IN services of
IntelliBridge-member companies as quickly and as efficiently as
possible, and to better service existing clients across their
operations," said Andy Rathbone, Southwestern Bell Director of
Voice Marketing.

IntelliBridge exists to jointly promote IN service offerings, to
provide end users with a single point of contact and to communicate
customer requests and coordination needs among IN service providers.

Each participating company will sell its own IN services and negotiate
independently with its customers. However, IntelliBridge participants
may partner to offer services that meet a client's specific needs.

Participation in IntelliBridge is open to all telecommunications
service providers that offer IN services. For more information
regarding the services provided by IntelliBridge, or to participate in
IntelliBridge, companies can call the toll-free IN information phone
line at 888-246-9900.

Bell Atlantic Corporation (NYSE: BEL) is at the forefront of the new
communications, entertainment and information industry. In the
mid-Atlantic region, the company is the premier provider of local
telecommunications and advanced services. Globally, it is one of the
largest investors in the high-growth wireless communication
marketplace. Bell Atlantic also owns a substantial interest in
Telecom Corporation of New Zealand and is actively developing
high-growth national and international business opportunities in all
phases of the industry.

GTE is one of the largest publicly held telecommunications companies
in the world. GTE is also the largest U.S.-based local telephone
company and a leading cellular-service provider - with wireline and
wireless operations that form a market area covering more than one
third of the country's population. GTE is also a leader in government
and defense communications systems and equipment, aircraft-passenger
telecommunications, directories and telecommunications-based
information services and systems.

Pacific Bell is a subsidiary of Pacific Telesis Group, a diversified
telecommunications corporation based in San Francisco.

SBC Communications Inc. is one of the world's leading diversified
telecommunications companies and is the second largest wireless
communications company based in the United States. SBC provides
innovative telecommunications products and services under the
Southwestern Bell and Cellular One brands; wireless services and
equipment in the United States and interests in wireless businesses in
Europe, Latin America, South Africa and Asia; cable television in both
domestic and international markets; and directory advertising and


for more information, contact:

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