Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions and EntryPoint Inc. to Create Customized Internet Desktop Toolbar

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Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions and
EntryPoint Inc. to Create Customized Internet Desktop Toolbar

EntryPoint(TM) Toolbar for Bell
Infospeed DSL Subscribers, Turns DSL's 'Always On'
Into Compelling 'Always Useful' Service

February 7, 2000


Bell Atlantic:
Joan Rasmusen, 212/395-2051

Calvin Fleming, 323/933-3399

Kristen Wareham, 323/933-3399

SAN DIEGO and RESTON, Va. - EntryPoint Inc. and Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions will join
forces to create a co-branded desktop toolbar that will make using the
Internet easier and more enjoyable for Bell Infospeed(SM)
DSL customers, as well as dial-up subscribers.

In addition, Bell Atlantic will make the EntryPoint(TM) toolbar
available to subscribers of other Bell Atlantic services, regardless
of their existing Internet service provider, via the EntryPoint
Web-based site at The site
will also provide links to EntryPoint frequently asked questions and
service areas.

"It's an easy-to-use and simple way to access your favorite
Internet features and functions, as well as to quickly link to the
Bell Home and DSL upgrade sites, our Member Services
and various product and services areas on the Bell Atlantic corporate
site," said Myles Mendelsohn, vice president and general manager
bell Atlantic Internet Solutions.

"With EntryPoint, we hope to continue to build stronger
relationships with our customers by providing them with new and fun
ways to access resources right from their desktops, turning always-on
DSL connections into 'always useful' tools for electronic living,"
Mendelsohn said.

"With Bell Atlantic, we're continuing to branch out into the
consumer market and now have access to scores of new users," said
Francis Costello, president of EntryPoint. "And with the co-
EntryPoint toolbar, we're offering companies like Bell Atlantic new
marketing and advertising opportunities to reach their customers
directly at their desktops."

About Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions

Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions offers fast, easy and affordable Internet access from the home or a small business. Customers of Bell enjoy Internet connections that are among the fastest and
most reliable in the country, according to Inverse Network Technology,
an independent research service.

Bell Atlantic Internet solutions provides support of dial-up
access using 56-kilobit modems, integrated services digital network
(ISDN) technology and the Bell Atlantic Infospeed family of products
powered by digital subscriber line (DSL) technology. Information on
Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions is available at

About EntryPoint Inc.

Based in San Diego, EntryPoint is an idealab! company offering
Internet services that reach users directly at their desktop. As the
"EntryPoint to the Internet," the free downloadable
EntryPoint toolbar
combines the power of PointCast's technology, news and information
resources with the e-commerce convenience of its eWallet.

Through EntryPoint's extensive ability to personalize the user's
online experience, EntryPoint delivers customized content and alerting
functionality directly to the user's desktop without intruding on
their daily computer tasks. Users can retrieve news, monitor stock
activity, get sports scores, shop at their favorite online stores,
view personal financial information, make travel plans and much more.
For more information visit the company at

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