Bell Atlantic Introduces Infospeed DSL Service to the Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh Markets

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Bell Atlantic Introduces Infospeed DSL Service to the
Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh Markets

Launch Supported by Alcatel, Apple, Compaq,
CompUSA, Dell, Globespan, Snap and Westell

New Pricing, Discounts and Innovative Marketing Programs
for 'Always-On' Internet Access Services

October 5, 1998


Larry Plumb,
Joan Rasmussen,

Group Photo at Press 
WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Bell Atlantic Infospeed sm DSL service now is
available in selected Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh metropolitan areas.
The company will make a high-speed, high-quality Internet connection an
affordable and convenient possibility for millions of consumers in the
coming weeks. The company also announced a new lower price for the
basic service package -- $59.95 a month.

The digital high-speed service will provide an "always-on" link to the
global Internet. No dialing. No busy signals. You're there, with one click
of the mouse.

Computer Screen
Infospeed DSL is Bell Atlantic's brand name for ADSL, or Asymmetric
Digital Subscriber Line technology, which will provide Internet access to
consumers at speeds 11 to 126 times faster than that afforded by a 56
kilobits per second (Kbps) modem. By taking advantage of unused
capacity available in existing telephone lines, the technology allows
consumers to use a single phone line to send faxes or make phone calls
while they're surfing the Internet.

Infospeed DSL is available in some Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh areas
now and will be expanded to additional communities in those areas
throughout the fall and in 1999. It will be offered to consumers in the
Philadelphia area and on the Hudson River waterfront in New Jersey
beginning next month. New York City, Boston and other markets will be
added early next year.

Photo of Bruce Gordon
"The early response to our plans to offer this service has been even greater
than we had hoped," said Bruce Gordon, group president-Retail for Bell
Atlantic. "Bell Atlantic has received more than 13,000 inquiries about the
service since we made our first announcement in June, spurring us to
accelerate our efforts to bring Infospeed DSL to market with innovative
programs and partnerships."

New, Lower, Entry-Level Price Coupled with Introductory Discounts

Bell Atlantic's entry level package of DSL service and Internet access --
Bell Atlantic Personal Infospeed -- will be offered at $59.95 a month for
unlimited use, $10 less than the price announced in June. Personal
Infospeed features speeds up to 640 Kbps, with Bell Internet
access and a link to a special version of the Snap portal service that is
designed for Bell Atlantic's high-speed users. See related Bell Atlantic
news release about the Snap portal service.

Pricing for Bell Atlantic's other two package options remains the same:

*Bell Atlantic Professional Infospeed is $109.95 a month for
unlimited use. Professional Infospeed features speeds up to 1.6
megabits per second (Mbps), with Bell and the special
Snap portal service.

*Bell Atlantic Power Infospeed is $189.95 a month for unlimited
use. Power Infospeed offers speeds up to 7.1 Mbps, with Bell and the Snap portal.

Customers will be able to choose from among the three options that most
closely meet their needs, subject to distance limitations.

Initial fees will be less than $149 for the Bell Atlantic service packages
during promotional periods -- including the cost of setting up a connection
and equipment, such as ADSL modems, needed to operate the service. To
enjoy the full benefit of the promotions, customers must make a one-year
commitment to Bell and return the modem manufacturer's
cash-back coupon for $50.

The up-front, set-up costs during the promotional period include a $99
one-time network connection fee and - for Bell subscribers --
an ADSL modem for $99 (or $49 using the cash-back offer from Westell).
Some additional equipment needed to connect with Infospeed, such as an
Ethernet card or circuit board for desk-top computers, will be supplied at
no charge to Bell customers if they need it. Fees for inside
wiring work and fees for a specialist to aid in the set-up of the person's at-
home computer also will be waived for Bell customers during
promotional periods.

After installation is complete, technical support will be available to all
Infospeed DSL customers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Finally, the
service will come with a customer-care, money-back guarantee for all
charges if a customer decides not to continue service within 30 days of

Marketing and Alliance Programs

Bell Atlantic's drive to bring Infospeed DSL to market also is supported by
a diverse set of companies -- ranging from PC manufacturers such as Apple,
Compaq and Dell, retailers such as CompUSA and content providers such
as Snap, to telecommunications equipment and modem manufacturers such
as Alcatel (formerly DSC) and Westell. See attached Bell Atlantic sidebar
for additional information. See also related news releases from the
respective companies.

The Bell Atlantic efforts include the "ISDN Rewards," "Refer-a-Friend"
and "Switch to Infospeed" programs. There are incentives for customers
to purchase Bell service, powered by Infospeed DSL, and to
encourage their friends to do so as well. See attached sidebar for details.

Bell Atlantic announced last week its "ISP Partnership Program," which
compensates participating Internet service providers (ISPs) for Infospeed
sales they stimulate. ISPs can package their own Internet access offerings
with three levels of high-speed connections from Bell Atlantic, each priced
at a flat monthly rate: Infospeed DSL 640K at $39.95, Infospeed DSL
1.6M at $59.95 and Infospeed DSL 7.1M at $109.95.

Customers can make a reservation for Bell Atlantic Infospeed DSL services
today via the Bell Atlantic Web site at or
by calling 1-877-525-ADSL. They also can preview Bell Atlantic's high-
speed portal featuring Snap by visiting

Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and information
industry. With more than 41 million telephone access lines and more than
seven million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are
premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market
leaders in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory
information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's largest
investors in high-growth global communications markets, with operations
and investments in 23 countries.

SIDEBAR #1 for Bell Atlantic Infospeed DSL News Release

October 5, 1998

Programs by Companies Supporting Bell Atlantic Infospeed DSL


Alcatel (formerly DSC) supplies network technology that is essential to
the deployment of ADSL and to Bell Atlantic's live demonstration of
Infospeed sm DSL service.


The iMac is Infospeed DSL-ready and will be supported by Bell Atlantic.
Apple and Bell Atlantic are working to support other generations of the
Macintosh* platform.


Compaq computers are Infospeed DSL-ready. Compaq will co-promote
both Infospeed DSL service and DSL-ready computers through direct
mail campaigns and through joint events in CompUSA* stores. Compaq
will indicate its computers are Infospeed DSL-ready in retail outlets in the
Bell Atlantic region.


CompUSA will market Infospeed DSL service with in-store
demonstrations and circulars it mails customers in areas where DSL is
deployed. The leading computer retail chain will provide Internet training
powered by high-speed DSL in appropriate stores. CompUSA also will
provide technical support and other services for Infospeed DSL


Dell, the leading direct computer systems company, will participate in joint
marketing programs with Bell Atlantic and will assemble made-to-order,
Infospeed DSL-ready computers.


Globespan provides the integrated circuit that is an essential part of the
ADSL modem which integrates voice and high speed data, enabling
people to talk on the phone and surf the Internet simultaneously over the
same telephone line when they subscribe to Infospeed DSL service.


Snap, the leading Internet portal service jointly owned and operated by
CNET and NBC, is teaming with Bell Atlantic Internet Solutions to create
a version of its portal service and search engine geared to take advantage
of the power of Infospeed DSL.


Westell, which manufactures the ADSL modems used to deliver Infospeed
DSL service, is providing $50 cash-back coupons for the first 20,000 of
their modems sold prior to June 30, 1999.

*Brand names may be trademarks of their respective companies.

SIDEBAR #2 for Bell Atlantic Infospeed DSL News Release

October 5, 1998

Bell Atlantic Marketing Programs

ISDN Rewards Program
If consumers have previously purchased an ISDN (Integrated
Services Digital Network) modem from Bell Atlantic, they can
receive an ADSL modem from the company at no additional charge
when Infospeed sm DSL service becomes available in their area. So
customers who want high-speed Internet access need not wait until
ADSL-powered Infospeed is available in their area. Bell Atlantic
ISDN service is available -- today -- to nearly 20 million households
in the mid-Atlantic region and the Northeast. ISDN can provide
Internet connections more than 4 times faster than traditional 28.8
Kbps modems.

Refer-a-Friend Program
Bell Atlantic will give customers $100 for each successful referral
of a new Infospeed DSL customer they make. When consumers
order Bell sm and Infospeed DSL, Bell Atlantic will
send them referral cards to give to friends and neighbors. When
one of these friends orders Infospeed and Bell and
keeps the two services for 60 days, the original party will receive a
$100 sales referral check. If a customer gets 10 neighbors to
subscribe, he or she will get $1000 from Bell Atlantic!

Switch-to-Infospeed Program
Consumers already subscribing to a cable modem or satellite-
delivered high-speed Internet service will be given an incentive to
switch to Bell, powered by Infospeed DSL. The price
of the ADSL modem will be cut in half once a customer mails or
faxes a copy of a recent bill from their cable modem or satellite
Internet provider.

Bell Atlantic Infospeed DSL Fact Sheet

Acronyms and Names:

  • ADSL - Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line technology
  • Bell Atlantic.netsm - Brand name for Bell Atlantics mass market Internet
    access service
  • Bit - Shorthand term for"binary digi" -- either a "1"or a"0"
  • Byte - Amount of memory space needed to store one character, which is normally 8 bits
  • DSL - Digital Subscriber Line: generic term for a family of high speed digital technologies that
    includes "ADSL"
  • Infospeed sm DSL - Bell Atlantics brand name for ADSL service
  • ISDN - Integrated Services Digital Network
  • ISP - Internet service provider. A type of company that provides computer access to the Internet and
    World Wide Web.
  • Kbps - Kilobits per second (as in thousands of bits per second, a measure of how fast data, as in
    binary digits or"bits," are transmitted)
  • Mbps - Megabits per second (as in millions of bits per second)
  • MB - Megabytes (as in millions of characters, with 8 bits in a character)

Infospeed DSL Characteristics:

  • More than 11 to 126x faster than a standard 56 Kbps analog modem
  • Customers can choose from among several Internet service providers
  • Service is "always on" -- no lengthy log-on process, no busy signals
  • Uses existing copper telepho ne lines
  • Customer is able to use fax or phone capabilities simultaneously while being on-line with his or
    her computer.
  • Offered in three speed options, providing flexibility for customers

    1. Up to 640 Kbps downstream; 90 Kbps upstream
    2. Up to 1.6 Mbps downstream; 90 Kbps upstream
    3. Up to 7.1 Mbps downstream; 680 Kbps upstream

Meaningful Speed Comparisons:

Time needed to download newest version of Internet browser software (assume about 10 MB)*

    56 Kbps = ~33 minutes
    640 Kbps = ~ 2 minutes, 8 seconds
    1.6 Mbps = ~51 seconds
    7.1 Mbps = ~11 seconds

*Calculations based on estimated effective or actual throughput

Service Phase-In:

  • Early October: Washington, DC, area; Pittsburgh area
  • November: Philadelphia; New Jersey Hudson River waterfront
  • Early 1999: New York City area, Boston area
  • Mid 1999: Other markets to be announced

Prices for Infospeed DSL, with Bell Internet access service:

  • Personal Infospeed (up to 640 Kbps) -- $59.95*
  • Professional Infospeed (up to 1.6 Mbps) -- $109.95*
  • Power Infospeed (up to 7.1 Mbps) -- $189.95*

*Monthly flat rates; includes ISP and related charges

Prices for Infospeed DSL alone:

  • Infospeed 640K-- $39.95*
  • Infospeed 1.6M -- $59.95*
  • Infospeed 7.1M -- $109.95*

*Monthly flat rates; ISP charges are in addition

One-time Charges*:

  • Network connection fee -- $99
  • ADSL modem -- $49 during promotional period, including manufacturers cash-back coupon. Price
    without discounts: $325
  • Ethernet card for desktop computer -- provided at NO CHARGE during promotional periods if card is
    not already provided by PC manufacturer. Price without discounts: $50
  • Wiring work inside the home and specialist assistance for home set-up FEES WAIVED during
    promotional periods. Normal charge: $99

*30-day money-back guarantee for all charges (from day of installation)

Features of Bell powered by Infospeed DSL:

  • Special edition of Snap portal service designed to take advantage of high-speed capabilities
  • Free browser software in Windows 95* or Windows NT 4.0* versions or in Macintosh version
  • Electronic mail
  • Access to newsgroups
  • Five megabytes of space for personal Web page
  • Free access to expert help desk services, 24x7

*Trademarks of Microsoft Corporation

System Requirements for Bell powered by Infospeed DSL:

  • Pentium Intel-equipped, IBM-compatible PC* (75 MHz), 32 megabytes of memory, 25 megabytes of free
    hard disk space, an ADSL modem, a CD-ROM drive and available space for an Ethernet card
  • iMac, 32 megabytes of memory, 25 megabytes of free hard disk space, an ADSL modem, and a CD-ROM drive

*Some other systems may also be compatible.

Customer Contact Information:

  • Relevant Web sites:,,
  • Toll-free numbers for reserving Infospeed: 1-877-525-ADSL

Key Facts about Bell Atlantic:

  • Corporate headquarters at 1095 Avenue of the Americas, New York City, NY, 10036
  • Service territory spans from Maine to Virginia, covering 13 states and the District of Columbia
  • 41 million telephone lines in service
  • More than 7 million wireless phone customers.

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