Bell Atlantic Introduces Versatile Internet Faxing

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Bell Atlantic Introduces Versatile Internet Faxing

Company Offers Five New Fax Services

November 3, 1998


Jim Smith,
or your local Bell Atlantic media representative
Alan Hill,

NEW YORK -- Bell Atlantic today unveiled a suite of new fax services
that link personal computers and existing fax machines into a
comprehensive fax management system, making businesses more
productive and efficient.

Bell Atlantic® Fax Messaging Services put an end to busy signals, lengthy
transmissions and communication breakdowns when an attempt is made to
send a fax, saving businesses time and money.

Initially, the fax services are available in Massachusetts and northern New
Jersey, and will be rolled out in the rest of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
region in 1999.

"Businesses are constantly looking for ways to improve their productivity,
efficiency and customer service," said Lee Self, Bell Atlantic vice president
of Business Marketing Management. "Our new fax messaging services
provide customized fax management solutions to address the specific
telecommunication needs of these customers."

These new services enable customers to send, store and receive faxes over
the Internet using Internet Protocol, (IP) as well as over local area
networks. Surveys show that more than 80 percent of all faxed documents
are generated on a PC then printed and scanned through a fax machine.
Bell Atlantic customers who use the new fax messaging services will be
able to skip the printing and scanning steps. As Internet access becomes
ubiquitous, it will become increasingly attractive to fax directly from the

Other fax services will enable customers to:

  • Receive incoming faxes and store them when the fax machine is busy;

  • Distribute a document to multiple destinations simultaneously;

  • Use a mailbox to send, redirect and broadcast faxes 24 hours a day, 7
    days a week from any location;

  • Access another user's Fax Request line to select information from a
    library of documents and have it downloaded to a fax machine.

Additionally, because the services reside on a network platform, Bell
Atlantic customers are not required to purchase or maintain any additional

Bell Atlantic® Fax Messaging Services Include:

  • PC Fax -- This service allows you to fax documents quickly and easily
    without leaving your desktop, eliminating the need to print the document
    and fax cover, dial the fax number and wait for the fax to go through. PC
    Fax can be used over your Local Area Network (LAN) as well as the

  • Fax Mailbox -- This service provides a secure fax mailbox that you can
    access from any location by using any touch-tone telephone. Once fax
    transmissions are sent to your mailbox, you can be notified via voice mail,
    pager, or email. You can retrieve faxes via any fax machine or any personal
    computer equipped with fax modem capabilities. Plus, you can forward
    faxes to other recipients.

  • Never Busy Fax -- This service appeals to any business that takes
    orders or receives important documents and cannot afford to miss an
    incoming fax. This simple, highly effective service will enable even the
    smallest company to offer continuous fax availability to clients. Never
    Busy Fax is a transparent service that directly complements a dedicated fax

  • Fax-on-Demand -- This service offers an easy, low-cost way to
    provide customers with all the types of detailed product, service, and sales
    information. Businesses can create a library of faxable documents that
    customers can access 24 hours a day. Callers follow voice prompts, select
    the document they want, key in their fax machine phone number, and the
    document will be faxed automatically.

  • Fax Broadcast -- This service is of interest to any business that uses the
    fax machine to advertise or provide notification alerts. Fax Broadcast is
    the quick, easy and cost-efficient solution when you need to fax to multiple
    destinations. By allowing you to create and edit your own distribution lists,
    Fax Broadcast can deliver a document to up to 10,000 locations with just
    one transmission.

    Bell Atlantic collaborated with FaxNet Corp., the first company focused
    exclusively on providing a full line of fax products and services, to provide
    customers with this suite of enhanced fax products.

    For more information on Bell Atlantic's new fax services, visit:


    Bell Atlantic is at the forefront of the new communications and information
    industry. With more than 42 million telephone access lines and more than
    eight million wireless customers worldwide, Bell Atlantic companies are
    premier providers of advanced wireline voice and data services, market
    leaders in wireless services and the world's largest publishers of directory
    information. Bell Atlantic companies are also among the world's largest
    investors in high-growth global communications markets, with operations
    and investments in 23 countries.


    Founded in 1995, FaxNet is based in Boston, Massachusetts and is the
    premier network-based enhanced fax services provider. FaxNet's
    proprietary network has many features designed to add power, reliability,
    and simplicity to fax usage. FaxNet's network operations are based in
    Englewood, CO. For further information, call 1 (888) FAXNET4, fax to
    (617) 557-4301 or visit the company's web site at

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