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Bell Atlantic Looks Back at The Telecommunications Act of 1996

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Bell Atlantic is doing its part to fulfill the promise of the Act

Two years after the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was signed into law, Bell Atlantic takes a look back at what it is has done to comply with the law and bring the promised benefits to consumers throughout the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Following is a list of ten ways Bell Atlantic has affected positive change since the passage of the Act.

1. Bell Atlantic is exceeding the Telecommunications Act's requirements to open its local phone markets to competitors.

2. Bell Atlantic's efforts to open its local markets have resulted in real competition.

3. Bell Atlantic's commitment to opening local markets has enabled those companies who want to compete to do so.

4. Bell Atlantic is taking the steps necessary to offer long distance service to its customers.

5. Bell Atlantic is working to bring consumers the most advanced high-speed network.

6. Bell Atlantic is going beyond the Telecommunications Act to provide its consumers with the best customer and quality service.

7. Bell Atlantic's Universal Design Principles are ensuring that the technological revolution does not leave anyone behind.

8. Bell Atlantic is committed to universal service funding for schools and libraries.

9. Bell Atlantic is committing the resources and the people to bring the best technology has to offer to all the communities it serves.

10. Bell Atlantic is committed to fulfilling both the letter and the spirit of the Telecommunications Act, but with the benefit of two years hindsight, it is clear that there is room for improvement.