Bell Atlantic Mobile Brings All-Inclusive Digital Wireless Pricing To Consumers

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Bell Atlantic Mobile Brings All-Inclusive Digital Wireless
Pricing To Consumers

Debuts On-Line Communications Store As New Way to
Purchase Wireless Service

September 9, 1998


Maggie Aloia Rohr,
Jim Gerace,

BEDMINSTER, NJ -- Beginning tomorrow, business and consumer
digital customers alike will be able to enjoy the benefits of single rate
pricing with no roaming or long distance charges. By bringing single rate
benefits to the consumer, Bell Atlantic Mobile is reaching a customer
segment largely ignored by current all-inclusive wireless pricing.

With pricing as low as 10 cents a minute, DigitalChoice SingleRateSM USA
gives Bell Atlantic Mobile's most mobile and talkative customers 1600
minutes with no long distance and roaming charges for calls to and from
anywhere in the United States for $159.99 monthly access.

Bell Atlantic Mobile's DigitalChoice SingleRateSM East plans embrace
the consumer by eliminating the high cost of entry, with monthly access
pricing starting at $39.99 a month. DigitalChoice SingleRate East
customers will enjoy the advantages of no roaming or long distance
charges for calls made from within Bell Atlantic Mobile's extensive East
Coast footprint.

"Our customers already receive and expect value for their wireless dollar.
They shouldn't have to pay a premium for added simplicity," said Denny
, Group President and CEO of Bell Atlantic Global Wireless. "With
DigitalChoice SingleRate USA prices as low as ten cents a minute, we
certainly offer the best high end plan in the industry. Plus, we offer light
and moderate use consumers a chance to get in the game for as little as

Customers Choose Between East Coast or USA As Home Area

Bell Atlantic Mobile's DigitalChoice SingleRate East plans were designed
to fit customer calling patterns. Industry-wide, only 6 percent of all
wireless customers use more than 300 minutes a month, and with 60
percent of Bell Atlantic Mobile's roaming traffic right in its East Coast
footprint, SingleRate East is a very attractive plan for the majority of
wireless users.

"Our customers won't pay for more than they need," added Strigl.
"There's a plan for every user -- whether they talk a little or talk a lot. This
gives added meaning to the 'choice' in DigitalChoice."

The SingleRate Plans take advantage of Bell Atlantic Mobile's extensive
East Coast footprint because it includes the heavily traveled,
communications-intensive corridor from Boston to Washington, DC. For
customers who choose DigitalChoice SingleRate East, the plans literally
expand the area from which they can make calls for a single rate from a
large metropolitan region to virtually every major city on the East Coast.

"Clearly, Bell Atlantic Mobile is the only carrier positioned to offer this
type of plan because our network encompasses 116,000 square miles on
the East Coast," said Strigl. "And due to our aggressive digital build out,
greater than 85 percent of people living in our territory are covered by
DigitalChoice service."

All Bell Atlantic Mobile SingleRate East plans also include the first
incoming minute free when calling from within its East Coast footprint.

Bell Atlantic Mobile's current DigitalChoice customers can switch to the
new plans without purchasing a new handset, and new customers need not
purchase a specific digital handset to take advantage of the new packages.

Internet Store: a First in One-Stop Electronic Shopping for Wireless

Bell Atlantic Mobile will also change the way consumers shop for and buy
wireless service -- including DigitalChoice SingleRate -- with the debut of
its On-Line Communications Store later this month. Bell Atlantic Mobile is
the only wireless provider to give customers the ability to complete an
entire order for cellular service, equipment and accessories right on-line.

Bell Atlantic Mobile's On-Line Store is an electronic one-stop shopping
experience, so there's no waiting for a call back from telemarketing. Orders
are processed immediately and shipped that day. Other carriers' on-line
stores only collect customer information and require follow-up from a live
salesperson to complete the order.

Much like the sites of popular consumer retailers, Bell Atlantic Mobile's
electronic store is designed to be a comfortable experience for both the
seasoned web-shopper and the occasional browser. The company's
products and price plans are clearly merchandized and displayed, and can
be placed in a shopping cart as the shopper moves through the store.

The company has long been a trendsetter in distribution within the wireless
industry. Its nearly 200 store chain is the largest network of wireless-only
retail outlets, and rivals the number of stores of some other large retailers.
The addition of electronic commerce to Bell Atlantic Mobile's distribution
channels is a benefit to both customers and the company. While customers
benefit from the convenience of a simple purchase experience, the company
will benefit from the low-cost and broad reach of distributing its products
and services via the Internet.

"We give our customers a choice of how they want to do business with us.
We've gone to great lengths to give our customers an on-line shopping
experience that's as good or better than any other retail site. Our store's
easy to navigate and easy to understand, and gives the customer the ability
to choose how much information they want about our products, pricing
plans, and accessories," said Strigl.

Bell Atlantic Mobile's on-line store will be located at _ HYPERLINK __www.bam.com_.

(See separate chart for DigitalChoice SingleRate pricing detail.)

The following industry analysts have been briefed and are available for

Bob Egan/The Gartner Group - 401-769-3828
Darryl Sterling/Yankee Group - 617-956-5000
Herschel Shosteck Associates - 301-589-2259

Bell Atlantic Mobile owns and operates the largest wireless network in the
East, covering 116,000 square miles, and the largest chain of retail outlets
devoted exclusively to wireless voice, data and paging. Based in
Bedminster, NJ, Bell Atlantic Mobile has 5.7 million customers and 7,000
employees from Maine to Georgia and, through a separate subsidiary, in
the Southwest. Through its "Wireless at Work..." community service
program, the company uses its technology to help individuals and
communities improve security and emergency communications. Bell
Atlantic Mobile's parent is one of the world's largest wireless
communications companies, with domestic operations in 25 states and
international investments in Mexico, Europe and the Pacific Rim. For more
information on Bell Atlantic Mobile visit:; for global
operations visit:


Bell Atlantic Mobile's New DigitalChoice SingleRateSM Pricing

SingleRate East Plans SingleRate USA

Plan Access $39.99 $59.99 $99.99 $159.99

Allowance Range* 60-100 150-250 800 1600

Rate/Min Range* $0.25-$0.59 $0.20-$0.30 $0.20 $0.20

Home Footprint (Bell Atlantic Mobile's East Coast Footprint) National

Long Distance Charges
In Home Area? No No No No

Roaming Charges
In Home Area? No No No No

* Varies by region.

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