Bell Atlantic Mobile Expands Pre-Pay Program

Bell Atlantic Mobile Expands Pre-Pay Program

New MobileMinutesSM Wireless Calling Cards Offer
Consumers More Options

March 9, 1998

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Howard Waterman


MobileMinutesSM service to include a new option for consumers who
choose the company's pre-paid wireless calling service, introduced
last November in the New York metro area. MobileMinutes service is
designed for first-time customers or those who prefer to set a budget
for wireless.

Now, for just $99.99, consumers can purchase a wireless phone and a
MobileMinutes phone card good for close to a half-hour of local
wireless calling. Local calls are debited at $.85 per minute and
wireless long distance calls at an additional $.25 per minute. The
company now offers additional cards in increments of $25 and $50.

MobileMinutes offers consumers control over what they spend on
wireless because they pay in advance. There's no long-term contract
to sign, no monthly access fee, no monthly bill and no credit check.

"People are buying MobileMinutes because it's convenient and the cost
is predictable," said Julie Dobson, Bell Atlantic Mobile's president
of the NY/NJ metro region. "It's a great choice for first-time
customers, families who want a second line and for gift-giving because
the phone and service can be purchased all-in-one."

Customers can buy MobileMinutes at more than 40 Bell Atlantic Mobile
Communications Stores and kiosks, and at hundreds of company
authorized retailers and agents.