Bell Atlantic Mobile Inspires Whole Families,Small Businesses To Go Wireless With NewShare-A-Minutesm Plan

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Bell Atlantic Mobile Inspires Whole Families,
Small Businesses To Go Wireless With
New Share-A-Minutesm Plan

Offers Ideal Combination of Shared Minutes, Monthly Access, Group

October 29, 1999


Howard Waterman,
(908) 306-7832

Andrea Linskey,
(908) 306-7845

BEDMINSTER, NJ -- Bell Atlantic Mobile will introduce
wireless pricing on November 3, giving families and small businesses a
new way to use wireless by sharing monthly access and home airtime
minutes among multiple phones -- all on one bill.

The Share-A-Minutesm plan will provide an alternative to
landline phone service as entire families begin to rely on their wireless
phones to talk with the people they communicate with most. In addition,
Share-A-Minute's unique group calling feature provides 200 home airtime
minutes a month for each member to use when calling or receiving calls
from other group members, in addition to the home airtime minutes the
group shares.

Starting at $49.99 monthly access, Share-A-Minute will be available in all
of the company's East Coast markets by November 9.

Unlike other plans with large minute allowances, Share-A-Minute
empowers families to manage the cost of wireless calling between light,
moderate and heavy users in one family. Since they are shared, minutes
that would otherwise go unused by a light user, can now be used by a
heavy user in the same family instead of that user paying extra.

"These plans will be the catalyst of the next surge of wireless growth, as
the number of households and small businesses with multiple wireless
phones grows exponentially," said Denny Strigl, president and CEO of
Bell Atlantic Mobile. "Share-A-Minute is the best group calling plan
available today, and is a good example of how Bell Atlantic Mobile will
continue to take an aggressive approach to pricing and providing
innovative options for customers."

Share-A-Minute customers benefit from a host of features:

  • The customer pays one flat-rate monthly access fee and shares a
    pool of home airtime minutes between two digital phones for calls
    made within the user's extensive calling area.

  • Additional users can join the Share-A-Minute plan for an
    additional $15 each.

  • Customers sharing their pool of home airtime minutes can place
    free local calls when dialing one another, a significant cost-savings for
    those who use their wireless phones primarily for family calling.

  • Any digital wireless phone Bell Atlantic Mobile sells is available
    for use with this plan.

  • Customers can also send e-mail text messages to each other's
    phones from the Internet or their computers for an additional monthly

  • Caller ID, Call Forwarding, 3-Way Calling, No Answer/Busy
    Transfer & Call Waiting are included.

"Entire families will use wireless phones to communicate with each other
because parents won't think twice about getting phones for their teenage
kids, grandparents or even the babysitter," said Debra Carroll, vice
president of marketing for Bell Atlantic Mobile. "Customers can choose
any digital handset we offer, inexpensively add family members to the
plan and make over three hours of local calls to each other per month
while enjoying a predictable cost for the whole family's wireless service."


A mother in Washington, DC, for example, can sign up for the $49.99 plan
and share her pool of 200 home airtime minutes per month with her
husband. If they wanted to add their teenaged daughter to the plan, the cost
would be an additional $15 per month, for a total of $64.99 monthly
access. By giving up to four family members the option to share minutes
and the monthly access fee, the Share-A-Minute plan provides customers
with superior value. With joint access to hundreds of minutes of monthly
talk time included, the family could receive a lower per-customer cost than
separate phone accounts. For families or business customers needing
additional minutes, for $79.99 per month customers get 500 home airtime
minutes, and for $99.99 monthly access, 800 home airtime minutes are

"This plan simplifies the ability of families to communicate with one
another using wireless technology," said Mark Lowenstein, Senior Vice
President at the Yankee Group. "It's the next phase of group

According to the Yankee Group's 1999 Mobile User Survey, 21 percent of
wireless users believe wireless will ultimately be the second line in their

Small businesses and start-ups looking to equip up to four employees with
wireless service will also find Share-A-Minute a cost-effective option, as
access fees are consolidated and controlled through shared use of minutes.
The local group calling feature is also very attractive to business
customers who frequently speak to co-workers.

For more information on Share-A-Minute, customers can visit Bell
Atlantic Mobile's Online Store at, or call 800-255-BELL.


Bell Atlantic Mobile owns and
operates the largest wireless network in the East and systems in the
Southwest, covering 180,000 square miles, and the largest chain of retail
outlets devoted exclusively to wireless voice, data, and paging. Based in
Bedminster, NJ, Bell Atlantic Mobile has 6.9 million customers and 8,000
employees from Maine to Georgia and in parts of Arizona, New Mexico
and west Texas. Through its "Wireless at Work..." community service
program, the company uses its technology to help individuals and
communities improve security and emergency communications. Bell
Atlantic Mobile's parent, Bell Atlantic Corporation (NYSE:BEL) is one
of the world's largest wireless communications companies, with domestic
operations in 25 states and international investments in Mexico, Europe
and the Pacific Rim. For more information on Bell Atlantic Mobile visit:; on global operations visit:

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