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February 15, 1996


New software provides industry-leading accuracy and
ease of use

Bedminster, N.J., --For Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile customers who
the company's new TalkDial(sm) service, dialing
their cellular
phones will be as easy as thinking out loud. TalkDial is the first
service to use breakthrough error detection and correction technology
for state-of-the art voice-activated dialing that is the industry's
most intelligent and accurate.

TalkDial debuts today in Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's northern New
England and Upstate New York markets. Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile will
roll out the service to its other markets along the East Coast
throughout the spring.

"This service effectively answers the call of customers who want the
convenience and added safety of voice-activated dialing, especially for
cellular phone use while driving," says Ray Dolan, executive vice
president - marketing for Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile. "Now,
can more easily conduct their business and personal matters without
having to remember or look for frequently-called telephone numbers and
manually dial them into a keypad."

TalkDial uses the software of Atlanta-based Intellivoice
Communications, which uses technology unsurpassed by other voice
-activated systems in use today. Unlike these other technologies, the
Intellivoice system does not require customers to wait for a tone
between each spoken digit of a phone number, making the dialing
process faster and easier. For even faster processing, customers do
not need to enter their personal identification number (PIN) when
calling a name programmed in their directory, since the PIN is
automatically included when storing a phone number.

TalkDial also features a user-friendly interface -- customers are not
required to use commands, such as "call" or "dial,"
that are common in
other systems and can lengthen the time it takes to initiate a call.
In addition, Intellivoice's proprietary error correction technique
creates a speech recognition profile for each individual subscriber,
which accurately predicts and activates the number to be dialed.

"Our primary objective has been to dramatically improve speech
recognition in the mobile environment because customers have made it
clear that accuracy and ease of use are absolute requirements," says
Jim Szyperski, president of Intellivoice. "We are delighted that
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, a pioneer in wireless technology, has expressed
confidence in our product and in our ability to deliver the most
comprehensive voice-activated service platform available in the
industry to date."

To activate the service, the user presses the "*" and
"send" buttons,
which prompts the word "TalkDial." The customer then recites
desired telephone number or says a name/place they've stored in their
personal directory, such as "office," and the number is
dialed. In addition to speaking a number or name from the directory,
the caller can say "directory" to program numbers, or
"help" to listen
to a user-friendly tutorial. Customers who use PIN Codes have the
option of speaking the code or entering it on the keypad. Finally,
because the service is based out of Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's
switching office, subscribers can use any type of cellular phone with
no additional equipment.

TalkDial service is available for a monthly fee of $2.99 in Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile's northern New England and upstate New York

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile has been conducting a commercial trial of
Intellivoice's system since May of last year in Albany, N.Y. While
results of the trial are proprietary, its success provided the
platform for Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile to begin a wide-scale offering
in all markets.

With more than 3.4 million customers, Bell Atlantic
NYNEX Mobile is the largest wireless service provider on the East
Coast and the second largest provider in the US. Headquartered in
Bedminster, NJ, the company offers a full range of wireless voice,
data, and paging communications solutions to its customers in the
Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Southeast, and, through a separate
subsidiary, in the Southwest. Formed in July 1995 through the
combination of Bell Atlantic Mobile's and NYNEX Mobile's cellular
operations, the company has more than 5,000 employees.

Intellivoice Communications, Inc., founded in 1988, is a leading
systems integrator and developer of Voice Activated Services
applications for both cellular and wireline telephone company operating
environments. Intellivoice is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with R&D
facilities in Farmington Hills, MI. Over the past eight years,
Intellivoice has successfully delivered products that support a broad
range of speech recognition enabled applications including Directory
Assistance Call Completion, Voice Activated Dialing, Voice Mail Access,
and Speaker Verification.


for more information, contact:

    Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile
    Nancy Stark, 908-306-6762
    Andrea Linskey, 908-306-7845

    The Weber Group
    Kristen Holmes, 617-520-7058
    Pauline O'Keeffe, 617-520-7085

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