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Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Hits 4 Million Customer Mark

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Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Hits 4 Million Customer Mark

Milestone Signals Growing Consumer Demand for Wireless

October 8, 1996

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Howard Waterman (914) 365-7212

BEDMINISTER, N.J., - Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile marks
another growth
milestone this week as it welcomes it four millionth customer to join the
growing ranks of consumers who use wireless communications in both their
business and personal lives. The consumer market is the fastest growing
segment due to affordable local service plans, like href = "">TalkAlong -2>SM and
innovative services, like EZ MAX -2>SM, that give consumers off-the-shelf convenience.

The company's growth has resulted in nearly 400 new jobs in the New
York/New Jersey metro area alone during the past year, the bulk of
them in network, customer service and 36 retail locations. In
addition, Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile this year has invested $200
million in its wireless network and opened 12 new Communications
Stores, creating construction jobs and other economic benefits of

Zoe Mavridis of Little Silver, N.J., an attorney and widowed mother of
two who purchased a phone last month at the company's Communications
Store in West Long Branch, has been named the four millionth customer.
She will receive one year of free Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile service
as well as a package of enhanced wireless services, including "">Talk
DialSM voice activated dialing and
Mobile Messenger® voice mail service.

"It's the best money I've spent in years because I'm accessible to
kids at all times," Mavridis said.

With an annual growth rate of 43 percent last year, ""> Bell
Atlantic NYNEX Mobile is one of the largest and fastest growing
companies in the country. Unprecedented consumer demand for wireless
communications as a tool for safety, security and to help manage busy
lives has resulted in record growth in recent years. In 1995 alone,
the company added more than one million customers and expects to match
that record again this year. By comparison, it took the company 10
years to reach the one million customer mark.


Editor's Note: Zoe Mavridis and company officials are
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