Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Offers Cellular Safety Tips During National Wireless Safety Week - May 6 Through 12

May 7, 1996

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Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile Offers Cellular Safety Tips During National Wireless Safety Week - May 6 Through 12

PITTSBURGH -- Cellular phones help save hundreds of lives each year, and this week Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile in Pittsburgh will help celebrate National Wireless Safety Week with reminders to customers on how to enhance highway safety by using their cellular phones to assist in emergencies and by providing safe driving tips for cellular users.

"Safety has always been a top priority for Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile, and this week we'd like to remind local residents of some of the ways they can use cellular service to enhance highway safety," said Jerry Fountain, regional vice president for Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile in Pittsburgh. "We'd also like to familiarize local emergency service organizations with our Wireless At Work program through which they can receive free equipment."

According to the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), there are more than 18 million calls to 9-1-1 or other emergency numbers in the United States each year. That's approximately 50,000 calls a day. Wireless phones are now used widely by various emergency personnel. From natural disasters like recent blizzards and floods to other tragedies, wireless phones are used for life-saving communications and are often the only means of communications available. As part of this week's celebration, CTIA will honor five individuals who used their cellular phones in life-saving situations.

Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile provides free calls to 9-1-1 from any cellular phone and has a free call program for boaters to dial *CG to reach the Coast Guard for assistance.

"Through our Wireless At Work program, any EMS, fire, police or other emergency service organization can receive up to three free phones just by contacting one of our Communications Stores," Fountain continued.

Fountain said that safe driving habits are essential, and Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile provides customers with guidelines on using their phones safely while in their cars.

"We offer hands-free phones that enable a driver to carry on a conversation without holding the receiver," Fountain said. "In addition, we recently introduced TalkDial(SM), a voice activation system that lets a driver dial a number just by speaking."

These services enhance overall highway safety, but Fountain said Bell Atlantic NYNEX Mobile endorses the simple safe driving tips suggested by CTIA:

-- Safe driving is your first priority. Always buckle up, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

-- Make sure that your phone is positioned where it is easy to see and easy to reach. Be familiar with the operation of your phone so that you're comfortable using it on the road.

-- Use a hands-free microphone while driving. Make sure your phone is dealer-installed to get the best possible sound quality.

-- Use the speed dialing feature to program frequently called numbers. With this, you can make a call by touching only one or two buttons. Most phones will store up to 99 numbers.

-- When dialing manually without the speed dialing feature, dial only when stopped. If you can't stop, or pull over, dial a few digits, then survey traffic before completing the call. (Better yet, have a passenger dial.)

-- Never take notes while driving. Pull off the road to jot something down; if it's a phone number, many mobile phones have an electronic scratch pad that allows you to key in a new number while having a conversation.

-- Let your wireless network's voice mail pick up your calls when it's inconvenient or unsafe to answer the car phone. You can even use your voice mail to leave yourself reminders.

-- Be a cellular Samaritan. Dialing 9-1-1 is a free call for cellular subscribers. Use it to report crimes in progress or other potentially life-threatening emergencies, accidents or drunk driving.

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