Bell Atlantic, NYNEX See Commitments as a Means to Hasten Merger Approval, Competition

July 19, 1997

PHILADELPHIA and NEW YORK -- Bell Atlantic and NYNEX today (Saturday) made
a set of commitments to the FCC that are designed to secure approval for the companies' merger.

Ray Smith, Bell Atlantic chairman and chief executive officer, said, "These
commitments are consistent with previous actions we have taken in the states. While
we believe no conditions to the FCC's merger approval are warranted, these particular
initiatives will go a long way to allowing the new Bell Atlantic into the long distance market
and continue to open the way to local competition. This will assure a choice for
communications customers and long-term, sustainable growth for the new Bell Atlantic."

Ivan Seidenberg, NYNEX chairman and chief executive officer, said, "We are
ready to go, and eager to get on with delivering the benefits of our merger. The
new Bell Atlantic will be positioned for early entry into in-region long distance.
Most important, we can now work with FCC Chairman Hundt and Commissioners Chong,
Ness and Quello to put this last regulatory hurdle behind us and move the new Bell
Atlantic from promise to performance."


Go to the letter to the FCC regarding commitments.

News Media Contacts:

    Susan Kraus, NYNEX, (212) 395-0500

    Shannon Fioravanti, Bell Atlantic, (703) 974-5455