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Bell Atlantic Response to AT&T Wireless Pricing Plans

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Bell Atlantic Response to AT&T
Wireless Pricing Plans

May 8, 1998

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Brian R. Wood

NEW YORK -- AT&T's new Digital One Rate plan is nothing more than major account pricing with fancy window dressing. At it's lowest rate, the monthly charge is more than double the $42 paid by the average U.S. wireless customer. It is only available to AT&T's customers who purchase a special "tri-mode" phone.

Further, the idea of packaging large bundles of minutes with monthly access charges is not an industry breakthrough, by any stretch of the imagination. Bell Atlantic Mobile redefined digital pricing earlier this year across its entire East Coast footprint, with monthly price plans ranging from $19.99 to $199.99, including bundles of minutes from 45-2,000. Our PCS company, PrimeCo Personal Communications, offers digital pricing with monthly access charges from $19.70 to $118.74, including airtime bundles of 30-1,000 minutes.

Finally, both Bell Atlantic Mobile and PrimeCo offer competitively priced, flat-rate national roaming pricing for the relatively small group of customers who use wireless service outside of their home territory. Once again AT&T is cleverly disguising the fact that they are abandoning the everyday user in favor of their large customers.


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