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Bell Atlantic Response to Sprint Network Announcement

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Bell Atlantic Response to Sprint Network Announcement

The following statement may be attributed to Joseph C. Farina,
president -- Bell Atlantic Data Solutions, Inc.

June 2, 1998

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Larry Plumb,

NEW YORK -- Sprint's proposal is interesting. Bell Atlantic
provides packet switched networks today and has announced its plans to
build an ATM and SONET-based network. At the same time, the circuit
switched architecture remains an important element today, and we believe
customers are better served by a network which maximizes the power of

Bell Atlantic will be an important player if Sprint brings this
offering to market. We have been providing high-speed connections to
millions of business and residential customers for years, offering ATM-
based services to every major metropolitan area we serve. Our dedication
to continuous network modernization has led us to deploy more miles of
fiber optic cable and facilities in our region than any other telephone
company in the nation, including Sprint. And, our commitment to network
upgrades which include the latest SONET, wave division multiplexing and
other technologies will be critical elements as Sprint approaches us for help
in reaching the customer's home and business through the last mile of the
local telephone network.

As Bell Atlantic moves closer to providing long distance service to
its customers in New York, we will offer our own innovative solutions and
will compete with Sprint head to head for the customer's business. We will
offer packages of voice, video and data services complemented by the most
robust network in the region we serve.