Bell Atlantic Selects 28 Teachers for Distance Learning Scholarship

June 25, 1996


280 Teachers from Bell Atlantic Territory Will Learn New Instruction Methods

ARLINGTON, VA. - With more than 200 classrooms linked by full motion video systems and many more classrooms interconnected with dial-up video and other linking technologies, teachers from New Jersey to West Virginia are about to get help from their peers in how to teach using distance learning technology.

Bell Atlantic has selected 28 "teacher teachers" for scholarships to attend a week-long training program in Baltimore next month, after which each teacher will then train 10 more teachers in their home states or districts.

The Bell Atlantic scholarship program has already sponsored attendance by 140 primary, secondary, vocational and higher education teachers from the Bell Atlantic region at a two-day seminar on how to use distance learning technology most effectively. Customized instruction is provided by the Teletraining Institute, the nation's largest provider of training for distance educators.

"When teachers engage kids in classrooms via video cameras and TV monitors, they need to change their classroom styles and modify their activities somewhat so the teaching and learning works using electronic media," said Tony Murray, president of Bell Atlantic Large Business Services, which works with schools to develop electronic classroom systems.

"The Teletraining Institute two-day seminar has already given 140 of our teachers new skills and confidence. The second wave of training will come when the 28 teachers at our Summer Academy get back into their home districts and deliver the seminar to their peers," he said.

Scholarships to both programs were funded by a grant from the Bell Atlantic Foundation, which concentrates its giving on pre-college math, science and technology education and on innovative uses of technology in education.

Bell Atlantic provides complete solutions for distance learning, offering both comprehensive technology and support services to help schools of all sizes offer superior education through advanced and specialized courses suited to students needs. These include desk top and room-based systems, multipoint bridging, self-directed learning systems and interactive broadband education.

The 28 teachers attending the Summer Academy July 14-19 were chosen from among hundreds who applied for scholarships. Of the 28, all chosen based on their commitment to and understanding of distance learning practices, 9 are from New Jersey, 2 from Pennsylvania, 4 from Delaware, 8 from Maryland, 1 from the District of Columbia, and 4 from Virginia. (See list attached).

"A well-trained corps of teachers and educational administrators is critical to the effective use of these technologies," explained Frank Withrow, director of Learning Technology Programs for the Council of Chief State School Officers. " This Bell Atlantic scholarship program will help create that corps of teachers capable of using technology to achieve the highest academic standards."

The Teletraining Institute offers comprehensive programs in distance education. It was founded on the premise that even the best technology will not allow educators to achieve the full potential of distance education unless those educators are appropriately trained to adapt their styles and methods to the medium.

28 scholarship winners

New Jersey

  1. Patricia Anesetti, Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
  2. James Coletta, Sommerville HS
  3. Doug Colter, Orange HS
  4. Carl Czaplicki, Hudson County School of Technology
  5. Suzanne D'Anna, Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
  6. Nancy Davis, Richard Stockton College of NJ
  7. Robert Hillenbrand, Bergen ITV
  8. Ray Nutkis, Morris County ITV Coordinator
  9. Eugene Snook, Middelsex County


  1. Nilah Briscoe, Canton MS
  2. Barbara Marder, Anne Arundel Comm. College
  3. Paul Walsh, Baltimore County Public Schools
  4. Joan Coble, Chesapeake College
  5. Bryant Davis, Montgomery College
  6. Richard Swaim, Univ. of Baltimore
  7. Cindy Schuster, Univ. of Baltimore
  8. Richard Siciliano, Charles County Comm. College


  1. John Brenner, Southwest Virginia Comm. College
  2. Nancy Britton, Lee HS
  3. Gary Bumgarner, Mountain Empire Comm. College
  4. Lisa Shaver, J. Sargeant Reynolds Comm. College


  1. Susan White, Delcastle Technical HS
  2. Kimberly Jo Yanacek, Caesar Rodney HS
  3. Daniel Hall, Delaware Technical & Comm. College
  4. Dene Klinzing, Univ. of Delaware


  1. Katy Brungraber, AIU
  2. Norton Gusky, Fox Chapel School District

District of Columbia

  1. Bernard Carver, Howard Univ.

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