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Bell Atlantic Statement on New York City Code

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Bell Atlantic Statement on New York City Code

Sept. 30, 1997

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Steve Marcus


Mark Marchand


Bell Atlantic Statement on New York City Code -- Attributed to

Dennis Wax, Bell Atlantic-New York Director-Regulatory and

Government Affairs

The Public Service Commission's support of an area code overlay

is great news for businesses and consumers in Manhattan.

The overlay plan, which we had recommended, will enable us to

implement the new 646 area code in Manhattan with the least amount

of disruption and expense to customers.

Under the plan, no customers in Manhattan would have to make any

change in their current telephone numbers or area code. Once the 212

area code runs out of numbers, anyone ordering a new telephone

line would be given a number in the 646 area code.

Compared to the other proposals considered by the PSC for

implementing a new area code, the overlay plan is the fairest to

everyone and will last the longest. In addition, the overwhelming

majority of consumers who contacted us and the PSC said that they

favored the overlay.

Bell Atlantic is committed to implementing an extensive customer

education program to help all telephone users adapt to the new area

code as smoothly and quickly as possible. As the PSC directed, we

will actively participate on the staff-industry task force to

deliver a report on number pooling to the commission by the end

of October.