Bell Atlantic - Virginia Extends Local Calling Area

Bell Atlantic - Virginia Extends Local Calling Area

January 30, 1998

Media contacts: Jim Griffith

Irving Taylor

WILLIAMSBURG, Va. - Bell Atlantic - Virginia will extend the local calling area for many area customers on Feb. 1. As a result, calls between Williamsburg or Toano and Charles City will no longer be long distance calls.

In the Williamsburg and Charles City area, the change will affect telephone numbers in the 757 area code beginning with 220, 221, 229, 253, 258, 259, 345, 564, 565, 566. In Charles City, the change will affect telephone numbers in the 804 area code beginning with 829.

Local calls between these exchanges will be made by dialing 10 digits, that is the area code + the seven-digit telephone number. Calls placed from the Williamsburg and Toano exchanges will require dialing "804 + the seven-digit telephone number" to reach customers in the Charles City exchange. Calls placed from the Charles City exchange to Williamsburg and Toano will require dialing "757 + the seven digit telephone number." These calls no longer will require dialing a "1" and customers who do will hear a recording.

Monthly rates will increase for Williamsburg and Toano residence customers from 2 to 6 cents per line, while rates for business lines will increase from 3 to 23 cents per line, depending on the type of service.

Monthly rates for Charles City residence customers will increase from 23 to 61 cents per line, while rates for business lines will increase from $0.52 to $2.23 per line depending on the type of service.

January telephone bills included an explanation of the extended local calling area and new rates in more detail. Customers should contact the Bell Atlantic Customer Service Center on 954-6222 (residence customers) or 954-6888 (business customers) for further information.

Bell Atlantic is extending the local calling area between Charles City and the Williamsburg and Toano exchanges as a result of requests from Charles City customers. Currently, Bell Atlantic is also seeking to extend the local calling routes between West Point and Williamsburg and Toano; and between Providence Forge and Williamsburg and Toano. Each of these local calling routes now crosses a long distance boundary must be approved by the Federal Communications Commission and the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

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